Sunny God Drone


Not actually myself that experienced it but a friend so I thought it would be worth reporting because if sunny was able to put down a untouchable drone it would be pretty bad.


Now to avoid god drones, everyone will have drones and they will be cast on top of the monsters Kappa


Wait how does this work exactly? Is it inside that cliff?


No. It’s inside all of us.


I knew it…




That’s not untouchable you just jump up and smack it its dead lol


No. I was told the way it was positioned with the dome it couldn’t be destroyed.


Seems like an unintended thing since the monster can’t destroy it.


Oh yeah it was unintended but Its still a bug and that if it were to keep happening can be kind of game breaking against a good team. Not high on the list of priority’s but just reporting it.


i think if the monster used an AOE ability he could destroy it, Warp Blast, leap smash, lighting strke, bansi missile, mimic


Still could use looking into though.


yes of course, you should be able to mele it regulary, and that can be abused


Taking a look.


a sunny placed a drone outside the dome and it could do nothing so i disregarded it, is this not the same situation?