Sunny Glitch that makes her Broken (OP)


I would like a Dev to PM me so I can send them the details. Just had my first game where this happened and I believe I know how to recreate it.

I also have multiple videos (Xbox Recordings) of the after affects.

I seem to be having difficulties sending a link of the video to people. How do I do this from my tablet? Do I have to put the video on as one of my favorites?


Floating drones, infinite jetpack booster?


Well its two things and Flying Drones is one of them. Don’t know about the Infinite Jetpack Booster.


They know about both of those bugs.


There’s another one besides the two mentioned here.




Is it… picking Sunny?

hyuk hyuk


Hence why I’m keeping it hush hush.


PM it to Macman, and tag Slab in it as well.


do u mean the multiple drones one?


What?.. How tf does that work? and #OP much? If Shield Drones could shield each other



If one is trying to keep things hush hush it doesn’t help if one decides to point it out.


There is a map that sunny can boost the team to a section and they can just perch there and shoot the monster unharmed. He seemed rather chill afterward - probably since he was spanking us every match. Came across this the other day where someone showed us how to do it. I was taking pics the entire time to present on the forums through private PM, but they didn’t seem to record properly for some reason. I hadn’t thought of it since until I read this thread.

Not listing which level, nor the spot, in open forum for obvious reasons.

Is your findings similar to this?


No its something just as bad though.


Thats a bit disturbing, but since I did get around to mentioning the issue I seen. I’m pulling up a solo game to get some pics and I’ll PM the Macman as recommended above.


I did an edit to the OP asking how to link videos to Xbox Recorded clips.

I’m thinking that I may need to get on my desk top but its slow as hell.


Im really concerned, because people love exploiting broken things too much as is, may i ask if it has to do with a specific map?


Its worked on Medlab but considering the nature of the glitch it can be done on any map.


You can PM me with the info, and I’ll make sure that it gets to the right people. Thanks for your post.


10 srahc