Sunny fix is wrong, she needs another rebalance


I’ll keep it ‘short’ this time. No novel :stuck_out_tongue:

Sunny had a 25% damage reduction fix to make her more balanced. Did this fix the problem that makes Sunny so strong? No. The damage she does now isn’t even close to scary and “the hardest hitting gun” isn’t hitting that hard anymore. I can almost say that bucket does more dps if he keeps his rotation up with the missile launcher and 1 turret active.

BUT it does feel like Sunny can’t hunt the monster on her own anymore, and that part is good. Players that ignored their skills and went full berserk on her still are climbing down much more. But it kinda shows the real problem she has, and it’s not the damage.

The real problem we keep facing in many aspects of this game, “is a way to counter certain abilities”. You can counter the drone easy. If you have trouble fighting the drone that you don’t understand to counter it yet, and you should either ask good Sunny players how to do this, or figure it out yourself :slight_smile: It ain’t that hard. Now the Jetpack boost isn’t super strong in combat (annoying mostly), but out of combat, chasing the monster. THIS is why Sunny is so goddamn strong. I just checked an hour ago and was surprised that I’m top 30 world with Sunny. W/L ratio of 5.0. I mean… In combat I feel pretty weak, but most monsters ignore me so much I can just do whatever I want. Know how to fight her and you control the match again. Tip: Kill her <<< She is more dangerous than Hank because of her flexible Utility.

BUT giving the hunters the ability to move 100 meters in 2-3 seconds? The speed of the Jetpack boost is insane. The range is actually pretty fair, it gives a LOT of risk boosting your trapper super far into the map. The problem is that it is too fast. Walking 10 meters to a teleport getting to the middle of the map takes more time than a full jetpack boost.

It needs a nerf on the actual flight speed, not the distance. Or a 0,1 sec cooldown between each jetpack boost so you can’t spam it nuking yourself forward. I also think that the monster should hear the boost much better. Knowing a potential trapper is close makes it much more easy to counter these sprinting hunters.

Slow down the pace at which you can jetpack. Keep it realistic since it’s still a “boost”, but it can drop in speed by almost 50% no problemo. It will still work for evasion, but you won’t be able to be a Wraith as a hunter.

Then when you do this, give back 10% of her damage so it sticks to a 15% damage nerf total. You can take away Sunny’s gun and she still is too strong. It’s not the gun <<<


TL;DR would be nice at the bottom of the post.

When she boosts, turn around and kill the hunter close to you. They get separated from the team easily.


The “turn around and kill the lonely hunter” strategy is assuming poor usage of the jetpack booster. Good teams will use it to slingshot Hunters into position rather than boosting already ahead Hunters even further ahead. The gap closing (or increasing) is still ludicrous no matter the situation.

Simplifying the whole thing to “kill the hunter close to you” is like saying “just kill the trapper” to counter being domed. It really ignores a lot of factors.


Do what you can, and try to kill the hunter that’s separated from the team.

Better? ^.-


The Drone is needlessly unrewarding and time demanding to counter.

I would, at bare minimum, give placing it a 6 second cool-down and allow any attack to destroy it.

Going further I would try for a 25%-50% shield capacity nerf and, maybe, a similar recharge nerf.

The Jetpack Boost would be fine, in my opinion, if the shield was more properly balanced as a secondary defensive tool.

It is a very active defensive or offensive tool that requires a touch of foresight to use.

Personally I’d undo the damage nerf and replace it with a reload speed nerf.

It would encourage Sunny to swap to her Mininuke for some damage between doing other things while cutting down on her pre-nerf DPS.

Better kit flow in my opinion.


To be honest, I feel people are too reliant on Sunny. It’s funny that current trappers are suddenly incapable on doming the monster on their own anymore. They also blame me when they can’t dodge the monster. It amazes me how quickly people forget how to play the game. “Hmm, we have Bucket with a nice field of turrets and the monster is focusing me. Lets run away from those turrets and run into a nomad, that might help” :laughing:


Yup… They got a crutch, now they can’t play the game without it…


I would start with the shield recharge rate first as this indirectly gives it a cooldown as well and then a monster can choose to target the drone or if they power through the shield battery, it will still be down for a short while. Gives the monster more options. See where shield drone is at from there, it’s actually not that annoying to me as a monster, it can be worked around especially since the AI targeting is predictable and can be “fooled”.

My problem with Jetpack booster is actually when it is used to dodge straight up, especially on a Caira (or lesser extent Val). If you’re Behemoth or Goliath, actually hitting someone directly above you is not easy, even with Rock Throw. Having a Caira healing from orbit is frustrating and she can use her jetpack to slow her descent so you can’t just “wait” for her. I’d like the “straight up” distance reduced because it’s a tad absurd. I can work around the shield but as soon as that booster is put on someone BYE BYE.

Agree on nuke launcher. I think a lot of times people want a damage nerf but are thinking it will be a DPS nerf. Nothing wrong with high damage guns/abilities but they need to take appropriate skill to land and missing them should be punishing. Since there is no ammo in this game, reloading must take longer.


This is what I was hoping for as well, although if you increase the reload time, it becomes near impossible to keep the monster off of the relay or to knock him off of a pounced teammate.


Yes this is true, Cabot actually has the same issue atm.

They could probably increase the “cooldown” of attacking the relay a bit to compensate. Every hunter should be capable of keeping the monster off the relay by damaging him.


Due to its recharge I’m fine with the Jetpack booster being a powerful defensive tool, so long as the shield drone is properly balanced.

The nerfs to the shield drone would make focusing Sunny far easier, making that a better counterplay tactic.

I enjoy cycling to guns between recharges and reloads, and I think preserving the damage while reducing overall dps would be more fun in playing into that method.


That’s a problem with the relay in my opinion - there should be a longer delay after being shot before the Monster can hit it.

Otherwise it makes for a needless artificial limit on slow rates of fire and slow reloads.


I agree, it is incredibly frustrating when you are shooting the monster but he still manages to get that last hit in by sheer luck.


Dodging straight up with the jetpack is a tactic depending on the monster. It’s not very effective against the Wraith and Kraken, and it is effective against Goliath and Behemoth. The other way arround, dodging sideway’s isn’t very effective against a Goliath or Behemoth, but is very effective against the Wraith and Kraken. Wraith does tend to be balanced in the middle.

Boosting up denies you damage as much as a shield. Doging up also costs the most jetpack since you kinda need to dodge sideways after, or you are being kept high up in the sky. It does give a good advantage for some classes, but the cost outweighs it kinda. BUT if you can keep a hunter knocked back while attacking he will use the jetpack boost and not get away. Keep your knockbacks rolling and you got that hunter.

A serious problem was being created with monsters who could outsmart most hunter teams by perfect maneuvering. Now there is a support who can deny you the running and juking tactics. It’s a fair tradeoff really. Before T4 if a monster kept running untill stage 3 we just camped the relay every time. It made us REALLY good against stage 3 monsters, and it saved us time that they are wasting. Now we can finally get those runners, where the good monsters who can actually fight, counter Sunny by doing heavy burst attacks with hit and run moves. Sunny, much like Bucket, need time to get a good setup running. If you need stage 3 to win, you aren’t a good monster. Stage 3 for me is only for the extra health. Making sure the hunters go camp that relay, and giving me that extra edge to balance out my monsters size. It’s a tactical choice


Just try not to rely on her too much. Keep your skills honed, and use her as an advantage. Not a requirement.


I really feel like instead of a damage nerf they should have given her a reload nerf. It has NUKE in the name. Make it hit like a truck but just make it take longer to reload. They could of had her visibly reloading the shell back in. Maybe take a few seconds to do. It could make it so you had to really line up your shots more instead of just spamming it.


I agree and at the same time i do not. It would play more like a nuke launcher if the reload was nerfed. But reload is however more important than pure damage assuming same numbers.

Reloading faster make it easier to save allies that are pounced or grabbed by wildlife. Faster reload also make it easier or even doable to interrupt relay damage.

So i agree in spirit that they should have nerfed the reload. But in practice what they did is the Better of the two.


Her jetpack booster just doesn’t have counter-play, that’s all there is too it. If she puts it on someone, they are going to get away.


People was doing the same thing when I was playing Hank. Completely out of position and conrnered by the monster and expecting the shield to last forever.

Same thing happens now that i’m playing with Sunny. “Support, wtf, you didn’t boost me enough”, while I boost them, they use the boost to go on an even worst position.

No matter what happens, players are always complaining about teammates. It’s always someone else fault.


If you think you can kill a hunter in 3-5 seconds, which is how long it takes the others to catch up, you obviously never played against a hunter that’s worth a damn. Not to mention trapper will boost to you, dome you, and run back to his team.

I read a thread with your suggestions earlier, and who ever said your suggestions might work only against bad pubs was right. And if you think Sunny is balanced, you obviously don’t know how to play her.

TBH, Sunny WOULD be balanced if the shield drone had about 25-30% of the health it has now. Having to waste a lvl 3 ability + melee to destroy each of them when she can just keep putting them up without a CD is what makes her OP. Either that or it’s shield charge should be tripled or it’s shield strength cut in half or less than half.

Her boost is annoying, yes, but it’s supposed to be her greatest strength. Her no CD, fast charge, nearly indestructible shield drones are what makes her overpowered. And it doesn’t matter for shit if it only shields after a first bit of damage is done. In a good team you can’t slightly damage someone else and focus the original target again, because no good hunter will be stupid enough to be right next to you. And the healer will just heal the damage the hunter took while the shield is protecting them.


Go ahead and nerf its health if it’s too hard for you to try to kill. I don’t mind. ^.-

Opinions differ, so does playstyle, and skill level.