Sunny Elite Shield Drone Mastery


Sunny was the last hunter I need elite for a while and mostly because I was stuck on the shield done. imo it is hard to shield 2,000 damage in a 12~ match. I ended looking for a way to farm the challenges quickly and I found a strategy that works well and I thought I would share it and see if it could help other people as well :smile:

First off I’m doing this solo. The gametype doesn’t matter just make sure you pick the map Barracks.

Once you spawn in map your way to the pillar with smoke/steam/whatever coming out of it

Simply stand on top of the pillar with your shield drone and you will constantly take damage but the shield drone will block it.

You can tell when you hit 2,000 damage shielded by paying attention to your awards. Specifically the shield drone award for blocking 750 damage. After getting this award three times you already got over 2,000 damage shielded and you can end the match however you like.

Note: You also work on your jetpack booster while doing this.

If you’re still working on Sunny’s materies I hope this helped :smile:

Edit: @zind 's idea for using the acid cloud map effect sounds just as good if not better.



I farmed up my last few points by going to Wraith Trap with acid clouds on. Pretty much the same concept, but there was usually one right next to spawn so it went fast.



Nice tip - I’m gonna give it a try right now. :grin: Her stupid one-per-game masteries are dragging on for me.

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stand infront of the reactor so that the minions are hitting u



How are you doing the jetpack booster?



Yeah the booster is what’s getting me.



While I was sitting in acid clouds for the shield drone points, I just kept the booster on one of the bot teammates that was standing around. Count awards, and usually my jetpack was done by about the same time the drone was. The jetpack award is weird though, you have to let off the boost to get it awarded, so I’d just do 10-counts with it. The person you’re boosting doesn’t have to be using the booster to give you credit.



jetpackbooster is rly rly easy u can do it while farming the shield drone on defend.

(i did it on day 1 so i hope the booster is still the same)

u just need to use the booster for xx seconds (was it 45?) they dont need to actual use it.

start a defend game

setup the drone
stand infront of the generator
spamm boost the bots while getting punched from the minions




The mastery for the jetpack is only 20 seconds in 20 games which can be done just about anywhere. The hunters don’t even have to use their jetpack. As long as you boosting them the time will count. Just make sure you are using your jetpack booster as often as you can. In and out of combat and it will be done before you know it :smile:



I use my jetpack booster all the time, I just hate it when I complete a match and it says I didn’t boost them 20 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s baffled me a few times. The jetpack booster is my favorite thing Sunny has.

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Much worse when it was 3000 per match…
Get eaten by a mega mouth and just have caira focus heal you. Easy and fast.



It was 45 seconds, and they don’t have to boost, just hold it on someone walking for 20 sec and it’s done.



Yeah I’m just saying whenever I use it on someone, they boost right away, so I feel like I only boosted them like a second. I try and use it when people are standing still but they always boost right when I boost them. Even if there’s no need to boost!!



Boost daisy then…lol



Do you have friends? I hear those are helpful. If not than you could always be friends with the bots because as long as they aren’t chasing anything they won’t use their jetpacks.



Bots don’t cooperate with me. :stuck_out_tongue:
And I don’t have any friends that play. sigh



This is funny. The bots just run when I boost them and other players to. It actually pisses me off and I generally stop bothering to boost those people after a while because there’s no point.



Sounds like a decent tactic for farmers. ^.^



I can’t tell you how bad I want my friends to play evolve with me… I long for a team. I’m forever alone.

It’s not that they don’t like evolve either. My buddies think it’s cool, and comeover to play with me and think the gameplay is awesome. They’re just mostly PC players, I don’t know anyone else with a Playstation 4.




jk I play on Xbox so I can’t help you there but I can say that being in gamechat a lot and talking to randoms, wether they have mics (plugged in) or not. I met a group of pretty cool guys this weekend and we ended up pub stomping the next 30 games or so while having a lot of fun.