Sunny elite jetpack booster

Just a random question. What is the fastest way to complete this on your own? If it wasn’t for sunny being the last character I needed to elite I wouldn’t bother but the jetpack booster is a pain.

just do a solo game and boost the bots arround

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This^^ Twenty times.

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All I did was just hold it on a bot for 20 secs without moving then make him boost then it will work.

Get your bf/gf to do it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried that didn’t seem to work

Play arena or play solo with bots and just move from side to side while he bots use the boost to follow you. Just hitting them with the beam doesn’t work they actually have to use it.

This, prettymuch. :stuck_out_tongue: @Shin was helping me grind these out earlier, much easier when you have someone to help.


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