Sunny drone


she can stack shield drone again, on ps4 >.> can confirm i did it


It hasn’t been removed on console yet.


Yep, they fix it for PC, not console I think


i swear it was removed for a little while, cause i tried to do it like 2 weeks ago and couldnt >.> are u sure?


Very sure, requires a title update. Which I believe is coming this Tuesday.


hmmmm i dunno sometimes ppl don’t pay attention to other platform’s patches >.> i feel like it was micro patched for a while lol


I’m an Xbox player, though I have never actually ran into anyone trying to stack them lol


its cause recently ive been switching between goliath and behemoth and i havnt seen it lately and i stopped doing it since the one day i couldnt do it for the whole day with sunny, soo i stopped trying, then i tried again yesterday and it worked >.> hmmm and yeah same here no one does it anymore lol


sunny is lame.


thnx alot XD


Lol goooood point.


yeah lets keep it quiet till the patch for consoles >.> when you come across premades on ps4, they pull of every trick from pillar to drone, to areas where monster cant reach :frowning:


I wish premades would play fair. I just fought one with Caira, Sunny, Maggie and Torvald, and after I won by a smudge with 2 health bars left, the whole time Torvald wouldn’t even touch his shotgun, just fm fire mortars point blank range. That’s my biggest pet peeve right now, bug-wise.


its gotten soo bad, that as either goliath or behemoth i look like im dancing when i notice torvald aiming lol


I don’t understand what it means when you say Sunny can stack shield drones. Could someone break it down for me? thanx.


um sorry but if i break it down more ppl will probably do it, soo yeah im keeping this on the down low, its best no one knows


It’s in the bugs section.


Figured it out… that’s pretty chessy and time consuming…