Sunny drone suggestion

Most fights the “tactical position” is just high ground on the edge of a cliff. i climb said cliff and attack drone but sunny has already placed another on opposite side of dome for me to repeat process again. Meanwhile I am being pummeled by all hunters I am not attacking due to focussing the drone. I understand I deal some damage in between drone arm time and most of the time that is enough but

Her drone is easily bypassed. Break LOS and pummel hunters. Or switch targets.

Hey, its what he said.

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My suggestion was to increase health on drone but implement cool down. Drone health is half of daisy but cool down is 10 seconds. Cool down doesnt begin till previous drone is killed.

then it would have arround 17 seconds cd before it actually does something.

its already rly rly rly easy to counter

i like the direction but the cd would be to long until it would actually do something

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They can take off the arm time or lower it substantially. Or just add 3 more seconds to arm time. I can still down hunters I just have problems focusing hunters while their jet packing around and being shielded.

Is that 7 second arm time on pressing button or finishing animation of drone set up?

If your goliath and versus a good team Sunny is your worst nightmare…

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Any Hunter is tough to counter against “a really good team”. Lol.


goliath can easly flame breath it

wraith on the otherside has a rly hard time.

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Goliaths flame breath actually takes longer to take it out and we all know that every seconds counts.

Yeah but Goliath vs Sunny premade is literally the worst matchup against him.

Meh, the hardest team for me as Goliath has been Assault/Hank/Jack/Laz

Eff that.

Imo Sunny is as hard as Hank but more frustrating, he does the weakest damage so getting rid of those drones is realy annoying especially when you cant even focus sunny down because of Jack. Atleast with Hank he is a hunter so its not like you have to worry about two things.

I think Hank is tougher. He can preemptively shield his team ante without them taking damage first. Throw Jack in there and have a nice day.

Well I havent faced that comp yet so I would have to keep that in mind next time I ever get the guts to play with the awful matchmaking.

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it takes arround 2 secs. to kill it.

he does not have to be right ontop of it. while wraith has to waste her short ass traversals and after that u cant focus someone cuz ure out of traversals.

sunny a nightmare? bucket is actually stronger against him (sunny is one huge inconsistent bug)

only the first drone is in the best spot.

flame breath it real quick.

never let sunny go after that

just play her ureself and u will learn how to counter her

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Don’t do it… Ever. Lol.

Might seem simple when you think about it like that but its not as easy, as for bucket being stronger than sunny… Buckets strong but I dont think he will offer enough defense.

If the shield didn’t give the monster a harder time it would be pointless. It is there to protect the hunters right?

IMO her drone is good since they nerfed it already.

I love the dumb monsters that destroy her shield drone no matter what. Some monsters will completely ignore the hunters while I place a new shield drone every time one is destroyed, and they dont even try to hurt the team.