Sunny, Daisy, Lazarus and random. Balance and stuff


This setup is really off balance. No chances as a monster, really. I played about 4hrs this evening. 8/10 groups had this setup. Only one without Daisy, two without Lazarus. No stralth, no escape, instant rez. Cmon…
From the other hand: is it possibble to balance the game for ranked and public play? I mean the game favors coordinated teams big time. And if you make monster too strong - no fun in public.
Same with targeting on ps4. Sensitive joypad - hard to target. Not sensitive - impossible to turn 180’ fast.
Still trying to find right tactics.
I am lvl 37 now, more than 150 battles played… Frustrating night. Am I the only one? :wink:
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I think that’s beatable. Laz is annoying but still possible to counter even when paired with Sunny.

Balance is hard. Whether to balance the game for pubs or competitive is still contested.

The aiming is just something you have to get used to :confused:



It’s doable. You just need to be determined and keep a level head. It’s either going to be a short easy match or a long drawn out battle because of Laz.


Lazarus can really cramp your style, you need to put a lot of games in to work out the right way to fight him I find, I’ve still not got it mastered on how to counter Laz players :frowning:

The important thing is to really know how to follow cloaked Laz if you can, sniff for his footprints and watch for his jetpack, and take him out!


This setup is actually beatable. If you can manage to get the assault down, just body camp until the body decays. If you’re kraken, just come to the ground and spam melee. They won’t be able to punish/do heavy damage to you without an assault, there for an easy body camp. Laz and Hank is an even harder setup imo.


This so much.

I think I play a decent Laz (and monster), which is what helps me know how to counter him. A lot of monsters struggle vs Laz but every failure I’ve seen/had as a Laz occurs when I either catch him or am caught in the middle of cloak.

You need to focus Laz through cloak and try to train yourself to look for signs of a cloaked Laz. Against good premades, you’re not going to get a lot of time at all in a battle. Take a deep breath, smell to look for any signs of prints that may suggest his spot and try to use AoE’s to catch him and reveal him for a second. Watch for if Sunny makes the mistake of boosting him while he’s cloaked, or if her drone shields him involuntarily. Sometimes it is worth it to focus Laz through shields if you know you can get the down w/o a lot of punishment.

If you cannot kill Laz, my plan B against Laz comps is focus trapper down and just leave the dome. Laz comps are fragile and if you can drop the dome and armor up hopefully you can catch them off guard and try and get a favorable engagement to get Laz.

I’ve had Laz games where the hunters aren’t budging but I’m repeatedly downing trapper and then just staging up to S3 with good health and end it there. Laz can rarely handle combos monsters are able to put out at Stage 3 as long as you’re landing them and at Stage 3 you don’t need to be an ESL monster to land 4 abilities on a cloaked Laz, the amount of points you have gives you a lot of room to take him down.

Whatever you do, do not just go for pointless incaps. #1 mistake I see vs Laz comps is making unfavorable trades against an Assault or Support that is just going to be rezzed when you eventually leave to rearmor. If worse comes to worse just try your best to not take health damage.

If you get a down, keep an eye on it. This is where mind games are going to start and if you can outsmart Laz alone you can kill them all once he goes down. I think you’ll pick up more on this with experience, but try to use any downs you get as bait (as long as you have the health/armor to mitigate while you do) and try and predict when he’ll go for that rez. Good Laz’s are going to be very unpredictable with their cloak gameplay, but if you return to bully the downed hunter and manage to smack him once and reveal him that can be your chance to combo him for a down.

Oh yeah, final note. If you do manage to down Laz do not let anybody revive him. Go for the kill on him if you want to secure his death, but honestly I find most Laz comps enter a panic mode when he’s down and fall like dominoes from there.


^All of this.^

Laz can be a tough counter but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty hard to lose :smiley_cat:


I focus Laz first, then assault if I can’t get Laz. If you’re focusing assault then it has less ability to damage you, and Sunny will try to support assault, meaning less damage on you. But mostly, stage up and try to ambush Laz. I had a ranked match a couple days ago where Laz would sit outside the dome (but still.heal people inside of it, BS) the entire time and Sunny would boost people around the dome and Daisy would constantly flamethrower me. I got flustered and focused too much on trying to do any damage to bring Laz in rather than focused damage. They ended me at stage 3. I played them again the next night and this time ambushed them so Laz wouldn’t have time to camp outside the dome and it was an easy stage two win.

You might not be able to juke most hunters using the Sunny crutch, but you can still pick what areas to engage and set up a good ambush. A well timed leap smash rock throw combo followed by flame can end Lazarus quickly even at stage 2.


I find that the best scenario is to kill Lazarus. As mentioned, the key is to find him when cloaked. If you play Goliath, fire breath and Meteor Goliath are your friends.

Another strategy that might help is to down assault and body camp. This takes out most of the damage.


I wouldn’t recommend focusing Assault honestly, it’s risky because you’re getting in their face for a down and they have Laz heal burst support, their personal shield + whatever shields Hank/Sunny are boasting. That’s way too much defense and it’s just extremely risky.

If I had to pick the overall, #1 mistake I see a lot of monsters do when they get shmacked on streams it’s focusing Assault. When you look at the sheer amount of defense you have to go through it’s pretty overwhelming. Focusing Assault can work but really if their team is rotating shields properly you’re not going to get anywhere and Hyde/Torvald/Parnell are very happy to have a monster point black in their face the entire time for damage.


Thanks guys. Will start my “seek and destroy Lazarus” training camp today :slight_smile: and feelin better now :slight_smile: hard but doable is enough knowledge. Thanks 4 ur support!
Btw still i think it is much harder to see hunter tracks and cloaked hunter “mist” on tv screen than on comp screen. Have to adjust my tv maybe…