Sunny/Caira/Maggie combo


I’m gonna call it and say this is going to be the bane of all monsters. Not crying OP PLS NERF, just saying. There’s no way the monster will be able to outrun hunters for long since Caira has her speed boost and Daisy will find the monster fast.


Daisys really not that useful tho, more use as a revive machine :confused: it seems like it would be hardcore but sunnys jetpack beam is not as useful as people think, itd be best to get a trapper waaaaaayyyyy the fuck out there to dome quickly but then theres a lone trapper, ciaras fast but wouldnt make it there that fast, it would just be a hughly mobile match for both teams, caira doesnt have a whole lot of damage capability and maggies really only good for the daisy revives and harpoon traps, sunny will be badass but she for sure wont be the first one into the fight if she just boosted someone in, assault will be the only tide turner on that team really, no one else but sunny does that much damage on that team and shell be lagging behind the rest boosting them


Not picking a fight, these are just the reasons i feel they would outweigh their benefits, it seems spectacular in concept but its hard to predict who will be where and when


And thank you for opening with a dicussion and not (______) is too op, there are so many already, this is good to discuss and look into tho, i honestly believe they all balance out on one of the ten thousand sides of the scale somewhere


I’ve been waiting to use this comp against real Monsters. Daisy will keep you moving in the right direction when there’s gaps in tracks, and Caira & Sunny combined will keep the team in constant motion. Sunny’s jetpack booster will make for Caira’s acceleration field nerf.


Replace Maggie with Griffin and in the hands of a good team, it’s scary. A good Griffin can already destroy a monster by severely limiting it’s movement. Add in a Caira with speed boost and a jetpack boosting Sunny and, well…


find the monster quick
die quicker


jep caira sunny mag/griff



nuff said. 10char.


I feel like making an OP/UP threads are too OP thread


I really doubt Sunny will take Hanks place as top support.


One question. Can I boost daisy? Nevermind she doesn’t has a jetpack. That would be OP…


daisy runs as fast as maggie goes

so if ure boosting maggie it should boost daisy too


He said hes not crying OP hes just checking a combo seeing what people think


Just saying im tired of freaking TOO OP posts


Yea i me too, but im assuming he just means this combo might be a very very agressive team and he just looking to see what people think, i think the downfalls of them equal out the benefits tho


Isn’t Caira’s speed boost getting nerfed?


Shit that would suck, ive never seen it as op, just useful it doesnt do any damage just a little push


It already was.


I’m console, 31st for us.