Sunny Bug?


Hello everyone! I justed wanted to report an odd bug where an A.I. sunny can place her drones high in the air, and when this happens the drone is harder (if not impossible) to destroy, but functions properly otherwise.


Is anyone else dealing with this issue, or is it just me?


Yes this is still an issue, I’m still getting it when I play solo or with a bot.


Oh ok, ty for reply!


This has been a problem with deployables in the past, but that was as an exploit.



This is a really annoying bug, I think it has been reported before so it is more than likely a known bug.

Here’s a thread about the issue.

Welcome to the forums by the way. It’s good to see new people sign up. :wink:


Thanks and I didnt realize a thread was madd. Guess I’m not the only one.

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Don’t worry about it. At least it doesn’t happen online (human players doing this), that would be a nightmare. :smile:

It might be worth having a read through this thread to get you used to the forum.

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Yeah, if i could do this as Sunny in a pub match, I would do it just for the laughs. Ty for the thread, but I’m been using these forums since April as a way to gather info for the game itself, so I’m accustomed to it :slight_smile:

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Forgot to add this on previous reply (lol im stupid) but anyway glad I could have a nice welcome from regulars, really shows the Sunny side to our community (pun intended)

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You’re more than welcome. We’re a friendly community for the most part as I’m sure you’ve seen. :smile:

I enjoyed the pun.

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Evolve has one of the friendliest communities ive seen in a while :). Better than League of Legends anyway lol

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Welcome to the Forums :yum: