Sunny bug abuse


i played a monster the other day and saw a sunny place her shield-bot in the air i took a game as sunny a few minutes ago and while we were waiting for the stage 3 monster i figured out how to do it if you just place your new bot ontop of your old and just repeat you can get it pretty damn high… dont have a picture as it didnt wanna save my screen… also the behemoth dc thing is so annoying… 1 out of 10 matches is a dc/crash vs behemoth


Omg I was playing as behemoth JR and a sunny did the same thing I just stood there thinking how did he do that then it hit me not the idea instead it was torvalds mortars (I might have spelled his name wrong)


Macman knows this and he will fix it C:





Don’t worry, I sent a PM to MacMan/Slab about it awhile back. They said they were looking into it, and would start bugging it.

Here’s some lovely pictures of it in action though. ^.^