Sunny Balance Suggestion


Make the shield “HP bar” have damage spillover.

Part of what makes her ridiculous atm is that her drone not only recharges very fast, but a level 3 rock throw gets blocked by a TINY little bit of shield. There is no damage spillover. So it just keeps blocking shots when it’s not even fully charged, full damage that should break the tiny sliver left and then hurt the hunter underneath.

This would keep her shield good but it would also allow monsters to power through it if it’s low. Never had noticed that her shield negated all damage even when low until a few games ago as Goliath where my rocks would hit them with only a little bit of shield and they would still take no damage.


And please for the love of Gwyn give thr thing a cooldown, its insanely easy to replace


I thought it had this already.

Why does it not have this already?

It should have this already.

It doesn’t have this already?

Give it this already.


Alright already xD


Damage should spill into health if the shield has been broken. If that isn’t the case (I rarely play monster), it should be.