Sunny Arctic skin?


I got the hunting season 1 today and when I played as Sunny, I had tge arctic skin! I’m complainin’ but how’d this happen?


Because you bought Hunting Season 1. Not a bug

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Lol, Major is on point today. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, it was added as part of the first Hunting Season. We all have those now. I rather like the Sunny one. The white Shield Drone is pretty cute.


Wait but isn’t only for people that got it before the price change?


No… read what it says here:

Starting with the update, we are adjusting the price of individual monsters to $9.99 and individual hunters to $4.99, both present and future. In addition, Hunting Season 1 has been adjusted to $14.99 and as a bonus we have added 4 exclusive Artic skins to the package. If you’ve already purchased Hunting Season 1, you’ll get the Arctic skins as well, with the update, at no extra charge.


My bad… I thought I heard that somewhere.

Edit: Wait yea, it says “If you have already purchased it you will get the arctic skins for no extra charge”? I’m confused…


Nevermind just close the thread XD


Oh @MidnightRoses We have a thread that needs closing!


As you wish. <gnff

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