Sunny and Torvald voice audio a bit loud?


Not sure if it’s on the raw audio side or if they just need to be turned down in game, but I feel like a number of their lines seems overly loud compared to everything else. In Torvald’s case, I’ve even heard a few lines “break” under the volume.

Is this just me or has anyone else noticed it? Crow and Slim seem just fine.


Yeah. I was hiding in a bush next to these clowns.

Slim says something in that husky, weird voice along the lines of “Thank me later.”

Crow says “Gobi” about fifty quadrillion times. Annoying, but rather quiet.


Startled me so much that I actually jumped out of my chair and hit the EVOLVE button accidentally. Pick up the chair, look at the screen…locked in the evolving sequence, all four Hunters unloading on me.

…I still won. :sunglasses:


Well damn haha! Maybe that’s all part of Torvald’s strategy, flush the monsters out by YELLING IN THEIR GENERAL DIRECTION.

If this isn’t a bug, I at least vote to change all of Torvald’s captions to be in CAPS. :wink:


You scare too easily then. I would have laughed, and killed them.


To be honest it sounds like he’s Larping. I mean, I know he’s a Space Viking, but some of his lines are hilarious. Adds to his character though and I love it.

@Shin I do not scare easily! :slight_smile: I’m only scared of rabbits. And crowds. And sometimes tomato sauce.

I did laugh. Later. And I killed them alright.

Nobody messes with my Goliath winstreak.


Tomato sauce? -.-


Hey, don’t judge me! At least I’m not scared of an arachnid half an inch long. :wink:


I am scared of them for a second, and then I smash them with my hand. It’s a mere startle now.


Hey man, if a crowd of rabbits covered in tomato sauce came hopping your way; you know you’d be at least a little concerned. That sh!t ain’t natural. haha.


I would actually not care. I would start killing them one by one, until I didn’t have to deal with them anymore. They’re too ugly for me.



Back on topic now, do you mind the audio level of Torvald’s voice? I don’t think it’s bad, it really fits him, just…strange at times. Cabot says, “Everyone hush now, cloak’s up” and then Torvald screeches, “THERE! THERE! KILL IT! KILL IT!”


Give him a deep, deadly voice. Like you know he’s angry, you know he’s evil, and you fear him because you don’t know exactly how deadly he is… He doesn’t need to yell, he’s so powerful, he can just say a word; and those monsters will run in fear.

That’s my opinion. :wink:


Honestly that kind of voice is scary. Because you can feel that this person knows what they’re doing. When they scream at you you just feel like rolling your eyes and have to restrain yourself from knocking them out.

Besides, Torvald’s voice isn’t scaring anything. These things teleport, breathe fire and emit static electricity.


Yeah he really doesn’t need to yell. He’s all deep and intimidating as is, it almost detracts from him to have him speaking and yelling so dang loud.


His shotgun is weird for me, it sounds like he is shooting it right next to me when it turns out he is not even in sniffing range. I always panic and jump into a bunch of birds when this happens.



I’ve also had it “keep firing” when I’m clearly reloading. So there are obviously sound bugs in the new DLC. Which is why I was curious is the increased volume was one of them. :confused:


So that’s what that was. I thought Abe had caught up to me somehow and was neither doming, darting or slowing but shooting…


It’s supposed to strike fear in the monsters hearts. >:D


It does not. Rest assured, I will never be scared of something a tenth of my size.

Ironic, because in reality everyone is taller than me. -_- I’m not even that short. 5"9 is above average.