Sunny and reload


Does the reload perk increase her drones charging speed?


It shouldn’t. It should only effect any weapon or item that requires a clip to pool to be reloaded. The Drone doesn’t fit that criteria.


I think it doesnt. What it does affect is how long you have to wait after placing one drone before you can place another one.


Pretty sure it does. I’ve noticed a clear disparity between my drone’s shields when I Reload Sunny as compared to movespeed/thrust perks Sunny.

Could just be placebo or fluke though.


It doesnt.

Or more accurately- Didnt used to.

Edit: Nope. Just tested- Definitely doest. It takes 10 seconds to set up from deployment, irregardless of reload or not.

Sunnys shield drone actually has a “deploy” time of a few seconds. It goes through a deploy/set up /arming animation- It only begins charging once you physically see the drone “shield” itself with tis little blue barrier- Once this happens, it reaches full shields in 7 seconds. It would do this with 5 and change with double reload perks- But still takes 10 seconds start to finish. Deployables dont benefit from the perks the hunters have. Reload, Capacity, etc.