Sunny and Griffin COmbo op?


Guys what do you think, Sunny boosts Griffin and he catches the monster with his harpoon gun. Is there any chance to escape as Goliath, Kraken or Behemoth? And Val can slow :P.

I can see the best team composition will be sunny, griffin, val and torvald.


I think Caira, sunny, maggie + whatever assault will be godly.

Hunters drop -> daisy points the location -> caira speedboost to find the monster -> sunny launches the trapper over the monster -> stage1 dome before you can say : howlyshizzbucketsthatdomebefaast


Well Griffins poons dont affect monsters while hes flying so it wont be too bad


Val and Griffin are already godly. I once kept a Monster tranq’d for 17 minutes in a game with a Griffin. Never lost sight of him until the end. With Sunny, you’ll be able to close that gap and get a dome more easily.


I think itll be a strong composition indeed but not op. Well actually with the increace in vals tranqs it MIGHT be op ill wait till it arrives to make a final determination on that (as of right now videos of it on pc does look too strong ) i think the key to stopping it will be forcing the medic to have to keep the med gun out by attacking 1 of the other hunters then quickly disengaging


yea they do


Nope, Griffin has to have his feet on the ground otherwise his poons dont work


If griffin gets his feet of the ground, then harpoon doesnt work ! So i dont see much of Crap!


True but that’s easy enough to resolve it’s the huge forward and upward momentum that’ll keep him near the monster that will make this a strong combo.


No doubt itll be strong, but so is a poon/orbital, or an amped super soldier, or a shieldheal. Some hunters just have certain synergies that are super effective, but each of them have counters as well.
Griffin may be right next to you at all times, but that just means his team is that much farther behind right?
Always gotta be thinkin


sunny + any trapper is too strong atm, there is no escape for any monster


Since many people still need to work out how and more so who to boost properly into an engagement, I ate Trappers all day long as Wraith, since all you need are ~5 seconds with the Trapper to get a strike in and be on your way. You are right though, even if it depends highly on the Monster, a capacity increase Sunny is just crazy with the 4 boosts to engage or chase. Now pair her up with a Caira and the nightmare is complete.


yeah if you get a quick down thats great, most of the trappers have still their own jetpack after trapping you :confused:


val + sunny + griffin + tolvard agaist behemonth means if one time get attached carrion birds you are fucked because if you still stage 1 you have no chance to kill them and if they catch you, you cant roll because griff + sunny = you cant escape by rolling and its over.


Sunnies synergy is over the top with all CC classes.