Sunny and Emet have ruined my experience (Tips needed)


I need tips now, I just finished a game as my boy Goliath ONLY TO BE CRUSHED BECAUSE I COULDNT KILL A FUCKING EMET, I would get so close and he just flys away from me and his heals felt so fucking common and then there is fucking sunny cause fuck me. I tried to kill her but nope I would focus but take to much damage and have to run. My win rate WAS 61.78 with 4 deaths BUT now cause of that damn sunny and emet I left the game in rage. I’ve never been so mad at this game. Please give me tips on how to deal with those two on a team.


Um not sure what to say as their isn’t gameplay footage, but to let you know EMET is by far one of the weakest medics in the game right now, maybe above slim but slim has a pretty high skill ceiling plus depends if on player playing slim and the monster player. Sunny is sunny so kill drone with flame breath, DO NOT stand next to it and auto it four times. Just stick on EMET as best you can till he about to get boosted when he does just pounce him, boost doesn’t work while pounced or start a flurry light melee to stop him from using the jetpack. Only advice I can give, is just that and play more. If you only got four deaths tells me your not playing the game enough :smiley: .


Even though he’s venting, he’s also asking for tips. So let’s focus on that :smile:


Well Sunny has also been the bane of people’s existence. She is getting an upcoming nerf. In the mean time, just withhold your anger and expel it out by screaming and/or slamming a pillow. :smile:


I’d target Sunny as best you can. Then, once she cloaks go after Emet. Then if she reveals herself focus her down again.

It’s waaaaaay easier said than done but really playing monster is difficult af. You have to land ALL you’re abilities if you don’t want to get melted before you can kill them. Currently, Sunny is overpowered. Play Emet without Sunny and he’s in a decent spot.


I don’t play monster often, but I can tell you that one of Emet’s weakness is burst attacks, so try to put more points in rock throw and leap smash, it can also mess with Sunny’s shield drone since it only protects a hunter once they receive damage. :bucket_salute:


I edited the title slightly to reflect that you are looking for tips.


Try to get emet behind a wall where sunny can’t see him, emet has no way of defending himself so if he gets stuck alone it’ll probably be the end of him.I suggest using a move with a lot of knock back like rock throw or warp blast to make sunny get thrown across the dome, then try to rush emet to a point where is tumbling like he’s in a washing machine.
Of course no tips will be as easy as they sound, there will always be a obstacle like a harpoon, as far as that goes just try to keep sunny away from everyone, fake her out and make her feel like she should run, then make a turn and go for whatever pesky target you’re having trouble with.


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Nobody was trying to flag anything. It seems like a rant post originally. But if someone took the time to read the entire post they would have seen he was venting and asking for help.


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Relax.~ You’re in good hands now.


Thank you I’m was just so frustrated with that game


I have 189 games on my Goliath. I don’t get to play much as it’s mostly on weekends. But I will def say I’m experienced with monster. But when things like this happen so far and few between it just annoys me. Cause it doesn’t let me improve it just lets me get slapped across the face. I’m at the highest sliver in hunt for monster. And Goliath is my best hands down. My problem is I’m not up against highly skilled players that often to actually improve and what not. This is the first game in weeks for me that i actually lost as a monster.


Sorry for the rant everyone. I just was so frustrated with the match and my anger got the best of me. Tips are highly welcomed. Thank you


Might I’d inquire which platform you are on ? I’m a fellow Goliath main as well :smiley: . So whats your build do you run? And how did EMET and sunny give you a hard time ? Cause the only way in my experience while playing EMET in which I could keep my teammate up was heal burst them if they got focused but if I use it on them if the monster turned on me in those 12 seconds I think I’m pretty much screwed.


Ps4. I mostly start with 2 LS and 1 Fire. Hit stage two and skill rock for 2 and fire. And at stage 3 I max the those 3. I don’t like charge personally unless it’s meteor. I also always run movement speed. The problem came from sunny mostly always saving emet and that shield drone. Emet just always had his heal burst ready and adding to Maggie and her fire harpoon every 5 seconds. And it was a headache


Ah nice, I usually run 1 leap 1 fire 1 charge. I hate 1 - 2 points in rock. When I stage up I usually go 3 leap 2 fire 1 charge. The person I want to down I’d usually flame breath drone jump toward the medic Heavy charge, jump toward them while their boosting and flame breathing them and leap afterwards. Usually downs someone depend on the hunter skill.


Thank you I will try out this build myself, maybe it will make me like charge more. What perk do you run if you don’t mind me asking


In hunt 2.0 it kind of depends what you like running, I mean if you can by all means think you can juke hunters via sneaking and aren’t afraid of fighting early. I run with Damage increase or movement speed mainly.