Sunny. And Developers normally busy not understand anything


What dick Sunny impossible to pump? 2 star on the accelerator rocket pack just simply is not reached. Written “Strengthen jetpacks to fight for a total of 50 seconds.” That is something very easy to do. 1 stressed for 10 seconds, 15 2, 24 3, and 4 gave a pink 1 second. In sum 50 seconds.

Make new company has 5 missions. And repair the map “Foundry-Hilll Brocken”. Enough felt pens play.


Uh… what?


achievements to hard on sunny, new map shit… dunno why lol

whats your native language? wanna try google translate reverse. oh russian.


…Er… what?

Seriously… what?

Jetpack 2 star? Or does he mean that 2 star was easy, but 3 star is hard?

I’m totally lost by ‘Pink 1 second’, I don’t understand the question


the 2 star mastery is hard or so … pink beam and stuff, the jetpack booster…


The guy has to fight when you use your jetpack booster, each second of fight counts, no each second in the air.

I have 16/16 Elite hunters, it took about 30 hours of game, be patient.



Что именно не так с Брокен-Хилл Foundry , если я могу спросить ? Вы жалуются на грубых ошибок , отображение дизайна , или что-то еще?

Что касается Sunny- ее Masteries немного … ненадежный . Они очень, очень специфический , поэтому я рекомендую делать их с другом в таможенных , в отличие от пытается получить их с помощью пивных. Удачи.
Chto imenno ne tak s Broken-Khill Foundry , yesli ya mogu sprosit’ ? Vy zhaluyutsya na grubykh oshibok , otobrazheniye dizayna , ili chto-to yeshche?

Chto kasayetsya Sunny- yeye Masteries nemnogo … nenadezhnyy . Oni ochen’, ochen’ spetsificheskiy , poetomu ya rekomenduyu delat’ ikh s drugom v tamozhennykh , v otlichiye ot pytayetsya poluchit’ ikh s pomoshch’yu pivnykh. Udachi.


Something something russian with a beer, something something probably slovenian that even the almighty google cannot comprehend :open_mouth:

On second glance… this looks like either the start of an epic scavenger hunt for who knows what, a cryptographic sneak peak at arena mode or… Lost 2? :scream:


What exactly is wrong with the Broken Hill Foundry, if I may ask ? You complain about the bugs, map design, or something else?

As for her Sunny- Masteries … a little iffy . They are very , very specific , so I recommend to do it with a friend in customs , as opposed to trying to get them in pubs. Good luck

That’s what it means. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing, is a beautiful map, so much detail-
It just drops my frames into the depths of hell. :<


‘Glad’ I’m not the only one I guess…


Same with Refueling Tower.


Holy Jesus.


I get it on refueling tower too, I’m really not sure why just those two maps…


The whole mastery system is shit and also did a part of driving players away. This is not nice progression this is gear grind and work.

I vote for a removal and all hunters get the buffs straight away, so people can actually focus on the game and not what star they have to unlock. It’s stupid, it’s a timesink, nothing more.


Well, the most problematic thing with the current mastery system is that it encourages or even enforces insanely bad gameplay with so many Hunters and even Monsters…


I do not blame the English language is so dull and sparse. One word in the translation has too many values. However, these values ​​do not synonymous. Option can be a noun, a verb or an adjective. In English, instead of prefixes, suffixes and finalization used irregular verbs, strange and complicated system of definite and indefinite articles. And if you violate the order of words in a sentence meaning it has completely changed. You do not want to see our English? Learn Russian language. And then we laugh at you. Chinese, Azeris, Tajiks, Koreans and many other nations are easy to master the Russian language. Although that take the nation, whose representatives on the question - “How many corners a triangle?” answer - “Four.” And when asked to show on the map of the world Korea poke in Australia. And the events of the film “Star Wars” - the Americans are based on real events. Judge for yourself. Maybe easier for developers to make the Russian-speaking technical support?


but what about the people that want their carrot on a stick? we had this discussion in length over and over again.

progression systems like the one implented are in my oppinion something like a failsafe to motivate players to play a mediocre game. i really don´t like the descision of TRS to implement it. But there is no way to get rid of it now.
Progression systems are toxic to a good game, they make everything arbitrary atrocious and uncomparable… Seriously, it is mandatory to grind before you even consider to play in a tourney nowadays. Thats the worst thing you can to a competitive game.


No racial comparisons here, especially not ones like that.

I’ve given you your answer, in your own tongue. If you wish to speak with someone more suited to it, contact tech support.