Sunny 3 Star Jetpack and Shield


Alright so to start off, I’m not sure if this is actually a bug or not, but I know that it’s inconsistent with the other hunters and the way their similar challenges work. So in case any of you are unaware, Sunny’s 3-star challenge for her Jetpack Booster and her Shield Drone are to boost someone for 40 seconds in a single game, 20 times, and to shield 3000 damage in a single game, 20 times. I know from my time playing Lazarus that similar 3-star challenges can be achieved more than once per round (for example, if I shielded for 6000 damage in a single round, I would get 2 points towards that 3 star challenge instead of just 1), but with Sunny, you only get 1 point per round. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but it is at least inconsistent with the other hunters, which is bad, and it’s making it a pain in the ass to get my Elite Sunny skin D:


read it

boost jetpacks for 40 seconds in 20 matches.
absorb 3k dmg in 20 matches.
only 1 per match.

takes forever but elite sunny looks awesome.


That’s what I’m saying. I did read it, but the point is that the other hunters with challenges EXACTLY like hers, don’t function the same way. If you reach the goal multiple times on other hunters in a single game (like in the example I gave) you get multiple points, but this doesn’t happen with Sunny. It’s inconsistent, which means it is either unintentional (a programming bug), or intentional (a design flaw/bug).


well thats my bad then :stuck_out_tongue:

i bet it was just a bug with the other masterys then

or else they could have just make the mastery be absorb 60k dmg.

so it should be working like its suppost to


Lazarus had two 3-star mysteries that worked the same way. No matter how many cloak revives you got in a match, you could only get one point toward his mastery completion.