Sunny 24/7

no probs just play kraken make sunny useless

I mostly play support and usually mix between Sunny and Cabot. If I play with friends, and one of my friends are assault, I always pick Cabot. If he’s trapper, I pick Sunny. For me it depends on what player I will mostly communicate with and support.

If I play in pugs I ask them what support they prefer. If no preference, I just switch for every new game.

thats why i stopped playing


kraken is the only viable option against sunny

If you alt f4 when you get the hunters shown to you, there is no loss or death added to your record so you can do it if you see they have picked sunny

let teams with sunny play against ai

Goliath can deal with Sunny really well imo

you joking?
by the time you climb up to take down a shield drone, another one is already up at the opposite side

good luck climbing that and taking it down while another one pops up at the opposite side again again again again again

while torvald tears you to shreads with his totally not op mortars

No really, it isn’t that hard lol, just fire breath the drone then kill sunny, it works wonders

it takes a whole level 3 firebreath to take down a drone

Thats why I always take lvl 3 fire breath ^.^
Its the most useful skill he has imo, that and Rock Throw.

I have less desire to play anymore primarily because of Sunny
She is so OP it just sucks a lot of the fun out of it

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Her shield drone needs much less health if she is just allowed to pull out another when she sees you trying to take down the first one. Her jetpack wouldn’t be so bad if capacity + mastery didn’t give her like 7 boosts on a full charge.

I still see hank and cabot from time to time, but I honestly assume that either A they don’t like support very much so they just picked the first one (Hank), or B they haven’t bought Sunny yet.

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Sunny is revenge for all that fleeing and disengaging that happens in stage 1 domes.

Ironically, all that fleeing and disengaging in stage 1 domes happens because of Sunny.