Sunny 24/7

Haven’t seen a hank cabot in days

I find Sunny a little dull
Cabot however? yes please


Yii, Hank, Cabot, or bucket, would be a welcome sight, really tired of nothing but Grif and Sunny

I play Cabot all the time. ^.^ So fun.


Id pay $500 for his jacket… have I said this before? yes? I’m saying it again

whered Grif come from, we’re talkin about support here Quirklemeister

Yass. I really want a jacket like that. ;w;

Griffin+Sunny is the new combo that drives me up the damn wall, once they find you there is 0 escape

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This is the closest I can find and its still not as sexy -.-
I must continue my search

sunny isn’t op though according to the community and trs

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As a full time hunter, whos been getting into some Monster lately (my mic broke). I HATE Sunny, even a shit Sunny is harder to deal with then Cabot or (Lol) a Bucket. Id rather a Hank over Sunny too for that matter.


I personally think the speed of her boosts needs to be toned back, she can launch people ridiculous distances at lightspeed

the community would tell you to git gud

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They gotta patch that drone stacking glitch

Until then, sunny is OP to me.

Well I have gotten good as Sunny isn’t unbeatable, shes just really, REALLY, annoying. But whatevs ^.^

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Whenever I see sunny in the party I just go for a stage one win as you aren’t gonna get away from them. Best way I’ve found is perch up near a tyrant pit and let some birds then it’s a pretty easy win :grin:

I haven’t seen Sunny in awhile actually.

Sunny’s jetpack booster is so fun to use, I’d still use her if her nuke launcher was brought down to Hank’s laser cutters level and she lost her shield drone. Of course, a shield drone and a high power weapon would also work. Why she got both is beyond me.

I just used sunny today and she’s very fun to use. I still see hank players, but the ones I don’t see is cabot and bucket. Sunny is awesome! Later the nerf will ruin my fun but she is hard to shake as the monster.

I’ve been playing Evolve from first day and have gotten loads of victories with all the monsters (Goliath 46 wins and 3 losses, Wraith 26 wins and 1 loss) even against pre-made equipment. But when play against the same team with Sunny i lose a game of 4 …

Clearly it is because this character is damn OP, it is impossible to escape when Sunny is present. TRS nerf it!