Summer Update map sneak peak: Weather Control


Hey Everyone!

So I’m making a new thread for this crazy map, since quite honestly it has gone through so much as we’ve worked along on the Summer Update that I’d like to get a focused discussion on it. Do note, the before images are actually when we did our first revision back in January and the after is what will be going into the Summer Update when it finally is out in the wild.

So without me yammering on about the map, check out the screenshots below and let us know what ya think. I can personally say the map plays quite a lot better than before, and despite the challenges we faced on revising this map I think it’s come a long way from the days I remember playing it back in competitive.

The New Weather Control layout (TU09 Mini Map)

Any new changes?


There ya go @Hillbilly_Deathlord and @chrono.

I am going to sleep now.


Can you give us a comparison of the old/current minimap to the new one?


At work past 10. That’s dedication. Thanks.

I am so glad Beach and Caves are connected. The elevation changes are also not as drastic which is awesome.

The entire underground looks 10x better aesthetically and gameplay wise. I can’t confirm til I play but it actually doesn’t seem like such a bad place to dome(the underground areas).


Not tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be in the old maps for a bit and I’ll get minimap screens for everyone to checkout. For some reason my version of TU08 I pulled on my desktop a bit ago is gone now, so I’m gonna pull that tonight.

I’m not the only one! The whole Evolve crew is working hard on this update! It means a lot to all of us to deliver something awesome to our community.


You guys are awesome. When was the next TRS appreciation thread scheduled again?

But seriously though. This dedication is Insane…

But seriously seriously though, you guys are really exhausting every minute you can. Can’t wait to see everyone flock back to this real horrorshow update.

god I hope someone gets the reference, or at least doesn’t take what I’m saying as the opposite


Woooh! That what i get for standing up early :smile:

Looks pretty good to me, especially the lighting.
Though I would have expected that the tunnels would get wider. They actually look more narrow.

Also, what’s up with the blue bracket on the minimap? Does that mean that subtitles are color-coded?



My whining will cease for now. I’ll slowly ooze through the sewer grate from whence I came, and wallow in these fine photos. Thank you sir. You’re as pure as a baby’s breath.


Looks awesome! Whole map is more round so no pockets that the monster can’t leave without a dome.
Though I would have expected you would widen up the tunnels, too. Against Bob or Elder it can be tough in there. ^^

EDIT: Btw: Is that the new spawn location on the mini map? Seems reasonable to start on the edge of the map so that one use of planet scanner wouldn’t give the hunters too much information where exactly the monster is.


Looks good :slight_smile:
I am going straight to the cave-beach link and throwing a few rocks of joy.


Looks awesome. I’m very much looking forward to returning to Evolve once this update hits. For now I’ve decided to dedicate my time to Overwatch and Witcher.

It’s hard to sit down and play Evolve when you know something like this + a butt load of exciting changes are waiting just around the corner.


That’s exactly what I’m doing. :smiley:



…and reaaaallly really interesting changes overall you guys seem to have hit the spot in map changes.
Dat ‘‘Forestcliffs_004_B’’ though … stab in the heart … you took our bridge down X-D


As much fun as I’m having right now with Evolve, been playing since day one, and I’m still loving every second, I’m stoked for the changes.

The maps are an amazing piece to what could be an extremely impressive and awesome update. In theory everything sounds like the game will be more engaging, and less of a patience exercise with ft3, which in 2.0 I’d say it still about 60% of what monsters will do. I do not blame them, it’s
Competetive, and a more viable way to win, so people will do it. Still the most fun had is when the monster constantly engages, even stage 1, and although it may shock some here, these monsters still win. These matches end up going down to the wire, and offer up some a lot of this heart pounding endings that regardless of the outcome, made
For a fun, entertaining, amazing match.

I believe the update will bring a lot more of these, to more of the player base as well! The more people who experience that side of Evolve, the better, because as a lot of people on these forums know, that’s what’s so amazing about this game, the way it can make you feel in the middle on an incredible match. The hard work TRS is putting into making sure that the majority of the player base feels that is awesome, as proven by the late nights, and updates that @Insane_521 and the rest of TRS brings us when they can. They deserve a lot of credit and thanks, because they are doing this for us and the player base. Really looking forward to all this!!

Have an awesome day everyone!!!


Loving how clean the maps look.


They’re scorching!



Body is valid.


Really nice changes, the maps is flatter now I assume from the images to make it easier to hunters to move around?

It be great to have a minimap next time you post the images to get a better idea of where they are placed.

I think this is one of my favorites yet.