Summary of XB1 Graphics/Gameplay Issues


It seems like the posts about these persistent issues are scattered and unorganized, so I figured I’d try to do a quick summary both from my own experience and what I’ve read on the forums and get people to sound off on what they’re experiencing.

  1. Shadows/lighting glitch: it seems like this is the most commonly reported. Environment shadows appearing static and overlaid in the player FoV.
  2. Bodies disappearing: mostly noticeable when playing as Lazarus, bodies will either simply disappear (without having been eaten) or clip through the ground and teleport, reading several hundred metres distance.
  3. All hunters/monsters disappearing: still fully able to engage and interact, with all attacks and particle effects visible but models totally invisible.
  4. Audio crackling/distortion/spiking. This seems to be more rare but I can personally confirm it as a very common occurrence; it happens about 1/3 games for me.
  5. Game crash: game will fully exit and return to the Xbox home screen. Happens for me about 1/10 games. This appears to be related to #3 for me; every time I start the game after it crashes, I will experience #3
  6. Character stuck in midair or in environment. May be related to #2 I suppose.

No posts about network/connectivity/matchmaking please, just for the sake of organization.

For those of us who are experiencing some of these issues (or all of them, like me), this great game has been rendered nearly unplayable, so hopefully we can continue building awareness to help the devs get it all fixed. Everyone should also submit tickets, please.