Suicide squad Trailer! This is not a alert! I repeat!

It’s finally here fellas!!! Woooooo! :smiley:

Wasnt there already a thread like this?

Edit: Here it is Update: Suicide Squad Official trailer: Hurts really, really bad!

Other one was a leak

Not sure if I like the new Joker.
Doesn’t seem to have that insanity aspect to him.

jered leto looks good. but its only a trailer. the real question is can he nail it?

@Bear_Stream I think he has the voice down. your just used to a clothed joker without tatoos. they definitely took a risk doing this kind of joker, and if hes a “flop” this is supposed to be the joker in all future DC films.

It’s not his design, it’s the lines he has.
“I’m going to hurt you really, really bad”.
Just didn’t seem right for some reason.

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