Suicide Squad New Trailer! :D


Omg!! I can’t wait for this!! So much excitement! It looks super fun C:

I love Harley Quinn!

How bout that new Suicide Squad trailer doe?!

I can’t wait for this film. Waiting until August is going to be a bit of a struggle though. :smile:


Kudos 4 bringing it to our attention and Harley is just sickkkkk!


They did a great job with this trailer, can’t wait for the real thing


I couldn’t get anymore hyped…


The director of this trailer deserves a bloody prize, the way he linked up the music and the images


It looks aight.


I just can’t get into this movie. The trailers just don’t make me want to watch it. Aside from Harley and Joker I don’t care about any of the other people in it. I feel that they are just trying too hard to try and catch up to Marvel and it reaks of desperation. However, I’m sure the movie will make millions just like the new stupid TMNT movie and the getting worst each time Transformers etc… I just feel that Hollywood doesn’t care because people pay money to see mediocre films these days.


How is it desperately trying to catch up to Marvel?


DC hasn’t had the success compared to the recent Marvel universe. The Justice League was supposed to be their counterpart to The Avengers but the Avengers has had so much extra time to flesh out the backstories of the main cast in their own stories that DC hasn’t been able to do. The upcoming Batman and Superman movie (Which I also feel isn’t a step in the right direction) is to help begin the Justice League franchise. So instead of waiting and giving time to establish a good coherent world, they are just rushing through with this.

Most people will know of The Joker and to an extent Harley Quinn, but no one cares about the side characters outside of the die hard comic book novella fans. That isn’t a great way to setup a story. Remember in the beginning of Wolverine when Deadpool and all the other mercenaries were around. Do you remember how attached anyone was to them? We weren’t. Having this many main characters without a good back story established, especially because they are bad guys, is a sure fire way for people to not be vested in the characters.

I firmly believe the reason The Avengers was so successful (Among the obvious of good actors/actresses and director/producer etc…) is that each of the main characters were already established in movies before being paired up. If The Avengers movie came out before those movies happened, most people would be lost on the subtleties of each character. No one would care about Black Widow, Hawkeye and to an extent possibly Thor, Captain America or Iron Man because the average person isn’t familiar with their backgrounds. The Avengers was successful because it didn’t need to focus so much on character building because people have already seen the characters origins and arcs in other movies. It could focus on being a great action movie.

This movie will have a hard time to have a coherent story, good action AND enough exposition/background for us to even care about the main characters in it. Good things need time, and DC is just trying to catch up to cash in on what Marvel is doing. I feel that most of their decisions are based on making money quickly instead of doing it right.


Easily my most anticipated movie of the year with BvS at a close second. Jared Leto’s Joker on point especially since they are borrowing a b lot more from the comics. Interested to hear of what the Evolve community thought about it. Humor and Action


I love Harley Quinn and I have been waiting for her to make her big screen debut, but I’m not too thrilled about what they’ve done with her. Plus, the other casting choices are pretty cringe worthy.


HEY! I LOVED THE OLDER 80s TRANSFORMS AND I STILL LOVE EM NOW…though bumblee is kind of annoying…ANYWAYS I’ve never been a superhero fan and don’t know anything about them but I’ve been likin the marvel movies (haven’t like a single DC movie yet) but I want to give this one a chance looks different next to all the other DC movies


What I’m most excited to see in this movie is Harley Quinn, Joker, Deadshot and Enchantress. I believe the others will barely have a story or development, I feel like they will be just Redshirts.

Nevertheless, I think that Margot Robbie and Jared Leto will do a great job with their characters, they are definitely the highlights of this movie.


I feel like this wont turn out well


I dig the Star Trek reference


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