Suicide medics and other stubborn people

Had a match in nest mode recently with Slim, Hank, Maggie and i was runing Lennox.On the ground i tell the medic to stay close and focus on destroying the eggs one by one and not to split up.Becouse if you run into the monster by yourself there is little you can do.I had hoped it would be a better, safer strategy.We were arguing about it on the way to the first egg. Shortly before we reached the egg, my hud shows me the monster has already hatched one of the eggs.We destroy one and i suggest to move to the next egg and if we encounter the monsters, we should try and kill them one at the time, maybe seperate them.A little further the mini Goliath, egg spawn shows up and the medic runs off to fight it.I tell him wait for the rest, but no he wouldn’t listen.A second later a stage 2 Goliath shows up and i can only watch him beeing snatched.He fired his healing burst once and went down.Daisy goes in and gets killed by the Goliath too.I was only 60 meters or so away with the rest of the team behind me.Why couldn’t he just wait and engage them when everybody was ready? I can heal myself he said it’s ok!..Well a few seconds later the trapper goes down, next Hank…boom.I was the last man standing but my shield didn’t last for long and i went down shortly after.One mistake and it was over.Some people won’t listen and think they know everything but often ruin it for the rest of the team.I mean we could have run but the monster would have spawned the rest of the eggs…no chance or maybe a very small one.It can be frustrating if everybody does what he wants…thats not team work it’s suicide!..:anguished:

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