Evolve is good game really … repetetive but good … maybe few more maps ,maybe more game modes would change something … and i would really like to know like afte the match … how much damage i dealt comapared to others … or that i could Honor good and helpfull players … and maybe there could be idk icons …so ppl could see who is good at what …


I’m going to assume that you’ve recently picked up the game since its F2P now, but before the game was F2P there were about 5 other game modes that the devs intentionally left out of the beta to work on and make them more enjoyable since it wasn’t as balanced as it should be. The devs have stated that they will be implementing some/all of them back once they are finished tuning the game modes/maps.


There are a number of other maps for the game, but they’re being worked on, so it seems like we should expect more maps to be rolled out in the coming patches. My only concern is I might get sick of the current 4 by the time we get the next batch.

There used to be more game modes, but those are probably also being worked on?


I see thanks for writing back … well if they are working on those things then i have no complains , i just hope they wont take super long before i get over this game . thanks again


No they have been removed. Arena is coming back but the rest will not be returning as far as I know.


Oh, I heard differently, but okay thanks for letting me know.