Couple things I’ve complied over the last several days of playing that I think would make this game even MORE fun.

  1. Dropship animation needs to be included in the dropship timer. As it stands right now, you’re still 15 whole seconds out from boots on the ground after the dropship timer reaches zero. A lot can happen in those 15 seconds when you’re defending a fallen teammate or a power generator while you’re watching that animation for the 300th time.

  2. As mentioned in other posts, simply put, the W needs nerfed. Or the hunters buffed vs. it. It simply covers too much ground, attacks too quickly, and can play the “get away, wait till I’m level 3 then destroy your whole team with 2 moves” game far too easily and quickly.

  3. Variety:

–hunters should be able to wear different outfits, or at least different color schemes, based on player preference or maybe even map/weather conditions.

–monsters could have different skins to mix up the game play. Maybe a Godzilla looking skin, or a Rancor skin for the goliath would be awesome.

–a sea serpent monster on a primarily water map with small rock islands for the hunters to traverse would be incredible.

–please make the skins/alternate costumes worth the time/money to get them. Please!

  1. Finally, in-game chat quality is horrendous. Please see about fixing that so that people are more inclined to talk in-game and work together!



Props to Slayer514 for the awesome suggestions on maps and skins!


That second #1 was supposed to be a 4. It showed correctly on the left side of my screen…but not the right. My b.