Suggestions to TRS for Val


Just figured I’d make a topic for Val i know shes not the best healer out their, but small changes could be done to fix that, anyone have any ideas?


It has been confirmed that Val will be getting a heal burst buff.


Can you link a source for that?


Telemetry thread. Go look- MacMan said he’d just got Val a unique heal burst.


My suggestion was to have her heal burst heal both the normal aoe and the hunter targeted by the heal beam, but that was before they upped her heal speed.


Val is going to be fun, I might steal her from one of my friends.


Maybe i’ve overscrolled it but I’m scrolling thorough his Posthistory for 5 minutes now oO


Yeah, he uh…he posts a lot.


On the live stream Macman said that they were experimenting with making her heal burst heal her more but keep the same value for teammates.


Dayum, that’d be neat as hell.


I know right? cheesed so hard I think my face is stuck now.


Imo she’s in a decent spot already now, If played well with a coordinated team.


That’s what makes this news so exciting, the jukes are gonna be wayyyyy to real now, I’m great at Val now and this is just making things better.


No she’s not. Period.


If you’d care to explain that would make it way more discussable.


Val is great right now…


I’m tired of explaining it. You can just read this thread I made on it and monsters: The issue with Val, the Golath, and what needs to be changed/fixed for viability

She’s not good right now, at all. Go face some competitive Goliaths/Krakens/Wraiths with her and your decent team.


She’s getting some form of special heal burst.
But yes, she’s fine right now… I’ve had some very good Val players on my team.


My Team and me faced some ESL Monsters and scrimmed against some. So… yeah.

Overall imo Monster is favoured in competitive play anyways, currently. However, with me saying Val is “decent”, doesn’t mean she could need some tweaks. Just not overbuffing. Right now, for me it’s definitely: Laz < Val/Caira < Slim (unless it’s versus Wraith)

If that patch would hit, I’d take Val any day over Caira.

Also, what comps do you play with Val? It is obviously from need that, when playing Val, you have to adjust the Composition.


No she’s not. Done replying to you now though.

EDIT: People really need to stop seeing her as viable because it’s going to keep her unviable by denying the problems with her.