Suggestions to make game better



An icon in the conor of screen that lets you know you’re in sneak mode. I swear he gets out of it for no reason and it’s hard to tell.

Option to allow icons over classes head like the cross over medic sheild over support ect they all look the same to me


That one is intentionally not included, so Monsters have to figure it out. It’s pretty easy when you get used to it, and the names are colored. Use gameplay cues- shield, healing, etc.

Sneaking is disrupted by attacking or using any ability- including traversals.


I suggest that the game should tell you how many deployables you have set at the time, like buckets turrets, I hate not knowing that one of my turrets have being destroy, so that’s why i’m forced to keep setting up randomly just to be sure there are 5 out annd I don’t like checking on the map or worse, in the heat of the battle


Fix the servers.

Another night of constant “connection to host lost” and random post game disconnects. And now it’s thrown in this new wrinkle where I clearly go into matchmaking for Evacuation and it puts me into a hunt lobby.

And shocking, as I type this, connection to your previous session has been lost or no longer exists. Awesome! Guess I’ll stick to Titanfall. Been silky smooth for a fucking year now.

  1. Put the game modes in skirmish mode…not just hunt all of them

  2. put online matchmaking in evacuation


What? Evacuation already has- and is centered on- online matchmaking. Not so sure what you mean by that.


like with random people like skirmish mode


…I use that every day. I used it just now. It has it.


There IS an indicator for that. When you’ve got your deployable in hand, you got 5 indicators around your crosshair and they are all light blue when you’ve reached your limit. The indicator even flashes red when one of them is destroyed.


Weird, sometimes my turrets get destroy and i see all the lines blue :confused:


Also, I have no idea why. But yesterday I played nest and defend in the skirmish hunt matchmaking. It was cool to just play defend but I have no idea how it happened. I stayed in that lobby till I was the only one except bots.


what how hahahah i got to try that