Suggestions to improve the game


I know there is a title patch coming soon, we’ll see if any of these ideas come in the title patch but if not I’d like to start by giving some feedback.

  • I see a lot of people always say “What monster is it again?”. Sometimes it’s the same as a monster like you forget which hunters you are playing cause you alt+tab out. I suggest that when you hold T (normally used to check ping) it should display the players name as well as the name of the hunter they chose. Same goes for monster, this way you can just hold T to see what monster it is.

  • I would like to see a coaching section in the game. Where both players could play the same role monster/hunter, with a function to add bots/remove bots whenever needed. Something that would really help players teach in-depth.

  • Pause button. Sometimes people have things that pop up they need to pause for, and with ranked coming out a pause button it kind of needed. I’d like to see a vote option to pause the game, and when the game is paused, both sides should be able to communicate to proceed the game when everyone is ready.

  • Add a button you could check off that would prevent you from joining games already in progress. Some people don’t wanna join into a game as monster with 2 bars of health left.

  • Add a veto map pool, all players are able to veto 2-3 maps before searching for a game. This way more people can play on maps that they enjoy rather than not fun/unbalanced maps.

  • Display win/rates per monster/hunter. Personally I’d like to see which hunters/monsters are performing the best by a click of a button in game. I think it’d make me feel more involved with the game and show that TRS cares (which trust me we all know you care a lot and we appreciate it) but it would help other new comers/complainers on the forums realize this.

These are my ideas. I want to help and see this game succeed!



This needs to be in the game. It´s mildly annoying to wait 1:30 for people to pick their things… so normaly i just tab out and tab back in when the game starts… btw, why is there no auto maximizer when a game starts? Or a working windowed fullscreen mode.

So you are voting to pause without the Monster having any clue at all what is going on? Thats bad. First of all, there needs to be All-Chat at ALL times. Then just implement a regular pause function like in dota. Max 1 Pause per player and/or max 5 minutes. Or something around those lines.
But yes, definitly needed.

I hope this will resolve itself with ranked. Everything else would be pathetic.

For yourself or for other people? Both needs heavy improvement in my oppinion.


I’m not really sure what you mean by this?

I do like the T button to see the monster/hunters chosen though.


Great suggestions. I would add, on top of a way to communicate when pausing, all-chat and all-voice at all times, so monster mains aren’t necessarily isolated from the rest of the playerbase.


I don’t like the pause button idea. People abuse it.


I don’t like a pause button in any online game. Let alone for 5 minutes. The game takes long enough to play, load times and all that. If I’m trying to finish this round quickly, the last thing I need is someone pausing it.

If you have to use the bathroom or let the dog out, there’s plenty of time between rounds to do this. If an emergent situation arises, a pause button should be the last of your worries lol.


ever heard of disconnects? you know… fair play and stuff.


Ok… What’s that have to do with a pause button?


hm… maybe pause the game while waiting for the missing player to rejoin? wild guess…


These Ideas sound pretty cool… I don’t think we need them tho…


Nah, I just want to finish it. I don’t have time to sit around and wait. I get what you’re saying but people will abuse the pause button.


then you are the type of player that should not join ranked mode or tourneys. problem solved for everyone \o/


Lmao. Wow, salty much? I’m sorry that I disagreed with you. I gave you a legit reason for not having this feature and not in a snide or rude way.

I can just see people abusing it, say a monster is losing and says “I need to pause real fast” … 5 minutes go by and then he quits. Now I’ve wasted that 5 minutes sitting there waiting for the baby to quit. It’s a double edged sword.

And joining tourneys and ranked mode are different, I would make sure I had the time to finish it.


“salty” that almost disqualified you from any further reasonable discussion right there.

Anyway, as i said a pause function is needed in competitive play. There can and will always be technical difficulties. Restarting or default win is generally a bad situation to be in and should be avoided by all means.

I really don´t care for those constructed scenarios when someone is trolling. Dota has a pause function and it works. Everyone can unpause and you can not spam pause. I don´t see your problem. Apart from “Puppy-Pauses” i don´t see any abuse potential in it.

The benefits outweight the cons


The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few.

and your “legit reason” did not even factor in the real purpose of a pause function. Seriously, who takes the dog for a walk in an evolve match. How can you even think of that possibilite…


Didn’t say “take the dog for a walk” I said let him out. I have a yard. And again, your rude and condescending responses are not needed to get your point across.

And my reasons are just as “legit” as yours. You may not agree with them and you don’t have to. I may not agree with yours and I don’t have to. That doesn’t make your argument any less valid.


Now we both now how it is when someone interpretes what we say literally.

I am not seeing your reason for not having a pause function. It might be abused? Is that your reason? That is why we don´t have all chat. It “might be abused”. Trolls don´t magically appear when there are those functions. They still can find a way.
Mobile arena “might” be abused to trap your teammates. It could be removed so noone can abuse anything anymore… but that would be not good for the game, would it?

My point is that a pause function is needed in competitve play. Every title i can think of has it. Starcraft, Counter Strike, Dota and so on. Tell me why Evolve should be an exception to this. It does only complicate things.


I already gave you a few reasons. As I said, you don’t have to agree with me, your validation doesn’t make or break my day.
And I still can’t seem to figure out what your attitude towards me is and your rude remarks. And you see my reason but don’t want to because you don’t agree. Which is fine.

I’m just going to agree to disagree.


oh, don´t take it so personal. it was a bit of sarcastic in the first two posts, sorry for that. it is late and you took what i said like set in stone.


I’m not taking it personal. I made an observation and decided both sides made their points. Again, agree to disagree.

And it wasn’t just the first two posts. It was practically every post. Sarcasm is fine, and disagreement is fine.


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