Suggestions to improve 5 man lobbies(Specificly Replays)


Hi all,
Like everyone I enjoy playing 5 man parties with my friends but there is one change we need to improve it, and one change that would be nice.

The first change is to the after game replay.
The replay itself is fine, the problem is the next game starts too fast, you only get to see the first 1/4 of the replay once, before the next game starts. I ask that either the next game time be increased so we can see at least 1 playthrough of the replay but preferably 2. I think the ideal situation would be to have an after game ready button, so if we want we can skip the replay or if we want to watch it we can.

The second change, which is something nice is more progression as 5.
When you played as 5 in legacy you still progressed and leveled up, but no longer. I understand that you do not want people to abuse the system and get free keys and complete challenges but it really sucks to play for 4 hours with a full group and only get 10-50 keys a game and basicly no experience. Im fine with having a penalty but right now it is too severe. Maybe you get 75-100% of after match keys and xp but you can’t complete challenges? Something to think about.

Tl:DR, Longer and viewable after game replays, slightly more keys and xp as a 5 man quick play team.


Yes I agree with this but one thing I would like to see is the Xp/key limit and the inability to complete challenges completely removed. These restrictions is the sole reason why my friends ask in Team Speak “How many are in the group?” Before joining. If the answer is four, they close the game down and wait for one of us to call it a night or we split the group into a group of three and a group of two.

And honestly the argument that people will abuse the system to me is just silly. For one they already determine how many keys will be earned dependant on things like game length, how well the monster did etc, also on top of that there is a increasing time limit in between periodic challenge completions.

Also if people desperately want to abuse the system that badly they can and have easily done it with a group of two players as it would be a group of five. All a group of two players would have to do is abuse role preference, they take turns changing their preference to monster and then just hanging out at the beginning drop zone letting the hunters kill it immediately to complete challenges.