Suggestions to help new players


Hi guys, I’m not someone who played the game since release but I played it a lot back then and really wanted to see the game succeed. Right now everything I didn’t like about the game has been fixed and I have been enjoying stage 2. But I think there needs to be more done for completely new players.

Right now to me the game rather been changed to allow new players it feels like the game has become lets bring back the original players. Here are some features that I think we need to improve the new player experience.

Gallery/Character Viewer.
Currently the only place to learn about characters and their abilities is in the character select screen. There is a huge problem with this as it only shows you basics of there abilities and it also only shows it for the role your currently selecting for. Even for a founder I wanted to read up on changes to wraith and gorgon and there was nowhere in game to read about it. My suggestion would be to use the character screen that is viewable from the profile screen. This is useful both to learn which charactrs players would like to try and also learn what the monsters they are fighting can do.

Tutorials / Hints.
With the videos gone we need something to help people play their characters and learn what monsters can do. I’ve player a couple of games with new players and it’s obvious they do not know how to play their characters. As an example I spent my first 2 games as monster not being trapped or harpooned. I have also seen hanks shield their teammates WHILE I was attacking hank. I think we need to have some kind of role tutorials and even some character specific hints. I think this is the most important feature that is needed to improve the game for everyone, founders don’t like playing with / against people who don’t know how to play and I’m sure new players don’t like being CRUSHED by good monsters due to not knowing how to play properly.

Rent a Character and perks buyable off perk screen.
This is mostly just a nice feature and not important but the ability to rent a character for cheaper is a very nice feature from other f2p games. A good system would be 25% of the key cost for 2-3 games or something similar. Also a way to buy perks from somewhere other than the perk select screen will help people decide on their perks.

Extra Note, Here are 2 Nice threads about other suggestions

First here is a very good breakdown of the game from the perspective of a new player. it’s VERY interesting

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Nice suggestions, mate. I really dig that rent thing. Thumbs up. +1

Thanks a lot for that shout-out, by the way… I wasn’t expecting that. :smiley: I’m glad you think it is interesting. o7