Suggestions regarding perks and some balance issues


I’m certain this has been suggested before and I’m willing to bet there’s even been some big discussion about it, but I’d figured I’d bring it up anyway.

Aside from balance changes mostly involving the wraith, the thing I want to see most in this game is the ability to select more than one perk. I very strongly feel that this game could benefit tremendously by allowing players at least a little room for “character building”. I’m not talking about full-fledged RPG style, but I do believe that even allowing us to select just one additional perk(though I don’t think it should stop there) would have a significant impact on the way teams are constructed and hunters/monsters are played/utilized. I realize that this could result in a potential balance nightmare for the developers, but I strongly feel that it would result in a more enjoyable game experience for all in the end. Matches would be so much more varied and so many playstyles/strategies would emerge as a result.

As it stands now, all hunters feel very confined to a limited selection of viable perks. I have several hundred hours logged in this game since Alpha and after endless experimentation I find myself choosing 75% jetpack recharge on just about every hunter for every game. The reason being is that positioning as a hunter as well as the ability to keep up with a monster is just so unbelievably important. I’ve put MANY hours into perfecting fuel management through things such as map geometry observation, utilization and memory, situational bursts vs sustained output, monster focus targeting, map shortcuts, proper cliff-hanging techniques, monster combat proximity and awareness during refuel, etc. What I’ve come to learn is that 75% recharge rate almost always serves me better than the other perks. It simply provides me with SO many more options and opportunities to capitalize on. Not to mention, it’s just WAY more fun to spend more time dashing/flying around.

As it stands now, I don’t feel that the base jetpack recharge rate is high enough, and this is part of the reason I find myself going with the recharge perk over and over again, regardless of hunter. As I’ve explained, it isn’t JUST a matter of balance(though that is a large part), it’s a matter of fun. The jetpack feature is fun, but without the perk there is just a tremendous amount of downtime and I feel very sluggish and weak when it comes to combat and monster pursuit. Anyone else notice how much more enjoyable the game suddenly becomes when you get the 200% jetpack elite buff? it’s not a coincidence lol

Anyway, I’ve gotten a little off topic, but it does very closely tie into my primary suggestion of allowing for multiple perks. There just isn’t any real sense of character customization at the moment. The system needs to exist in such a way where hunters make reactionary selections of combinations of perks that work in their favor when considering the variables of a match(monster, map, hunter role/character, etc.). There is nothing enjoyable about making a “guess” with perks and hunter selection. In case you’re missing what I’m suggesting here, I’m suggesting that monster players must select their monster before the hunters. If this change requires a monster buff across the board then so be it. Hunters should be preparing around the monster, map and their own character selection, otherwise it’s just a guessing game with pre-determined illusions of choice. Not only that, but the choice you make is always a boring one considering it’s only one single perk.

To be perfectly honest, I think the system would work much better as a point system, where you simply gain a point every few levels that can then be allocated into a perk, sort of like evolving as a monster except everything is done before the game starts. Every hunter could then have a few profile save slots just to cut back on setup time. I realize this is a more complicated system, but I don’t think I’d be alone in seeing how this could improve enjoyment of the game. Competitive games of this nature need to involve some sort of reactionary preparation before matches. Just like a Hero draft in Dota, building a team and placing points in the right perks should be part of the discussion and strategy before a match begins. It doesn’t need to take a long time, once people become experienced with the system it will become quick and natural. All I’m saying is that I really want to see a system where there exists potential for fun and interesting character customization, if even at a minor level. One perk just isn’t cutting it.

I want to see a trapper that puts all his points into speed and jetpack for ultimate pursuit vs a trapper who focuses on cooldown reduction for more domes and damage reduction for a more aggressive style of play. I want to see an Assault who gets extra damage and movespeed for a super aggressive build vs an Assault who goes cooldown reduction and health regen for a “never die, ever” build. Please make it happen!

Anyway, that’s my extra long 2 cents. Thanks for listening.


They experimented with picking more than than one perk and it didn’t go through. I rather not have the ability to pick more than one perk because I don’t want that much power making up for lack of skill.


Power is only as great as the player who is utilizing it. Obviously there is a limit and a certain balance must be struck, but that is no reason to prevent what would be a more enjoyable and diverse gaming experience. Perks values could be easily adjusted to compensate for the additional choices.