Suggestions on Kraken



The lighting blast is broken. That ball thing.
The splash is way too big. Its impossible to dodge.

Either lower the damage, or make the splash radius smaller.
There have many a games where i or a team mate is well away from the initial blast.
But even then it still manages to take over 75% HP.

I have seen assaults with their shield deployed and full buffed armor take 1 blast, and 2 normal ranged attacks and go down. Thats what? 2 seconds. And you no longer have an assault.

You cannot heal that much, you cannot buff that much.
Surely then… something is fundamentally wrong with the picture.

There is no other monster that co so easily down a fully hank buffed, with assault shield in 2 seconds.
Something is wrong. even though the kraken is fundamentally weak… its damage output is too much.

Just lower splash on the blast. Problem solved. Then we can dodge again.


what are your kraken stats?


i dont play kraken. i loath the thought of having to fight from a distance.
We win majority of krakens. but that blast splash radius.

45 meters? Seems odd


then in what position are you to judge it?


go troll another forum please


case closed.


are you one of the dev’s?

This thread is directed at them.
Thank you for reading.


The Kraken in question was probably running Grounder perk set, which is completely and utterly broken on Kraken. It will completely shut down your ability to dodge lightning strike.

Lightning strike is also one of the few abilities left in the game where the graphics lie. The area of effect is much larger than the graphical area of the ability.


Indeed. Splash damage.

What is the radius on that? And what visual clues do we as hunters have if we are clear of the blast radius?
That is why i am stating there is something wrong with it.

Because there is no visual indication you are in range. Apart from losing 75% hp.


Yeah they went through most monster abilities and changed the graphics to match the area, but they haven’t done that for S2 after changing AoE size for certain things. Basically there is no visual indication to tell a hunter if he is still in the area or not. And with grounder perk, you will need 2-3 boosts to get out of the area.


If you can’t dodge a Lightning Strike (with Grounder for T3) then you simply need to work on your dodging skills and jetpack management, it’s simple as that. I play a lot of Kraken so I know.

To be completely honest, it’s barely even possible to land Lightning Strikes on good hunters so nerfing them even more will make them entirely useless.


Please refrain from making personal attacks, thank you.


Then send a message to the developers instead of making a public thread on a public forum. If you make a thread which allows other forumers to access it, then other forumers will access it. Simple.


Comboing vortex and LS is one of the easiest things in the game, and grounder makes it laughably easy. I’m not a monster main, but Kraken is the easiest win-button I know of. If you find it hard to land LS, maybe you need to work on your comboing skills?

See how that goes both ways.


grounder should not work on snowballs /period


Bear in mind that while a lot of people posting here might not be devs, they can be very helpful.

Yeah, it can be tricky to dodge. Sometimes it’s just worth tanking it.

Try moving in one direction, and then at the last second using jetpack to dodge in the opposite direction. Tricky to time, but can work well.

If you’ve seen that, it’s a bug/hacker and should be reported. If you have any footage of this, that’d be very useful!

That seems insane. More like the diameter of Aftershock. If you’re really seeing Lightning Strikes with 45m large areas, it’s wrong. [quote=“Ryaneko, post:4, topic:100769, full:true”]
then in what position are you to judge it?

Playing a character you struggle can help by seeing how the other side tries combats the issues you’ve had.

In his defense, @Ryaneko wasn’t exactly being tactful/friendly.


Still no reason to respond hostile. if someone is acting hostile, flag em/ignore him


what friendly thing can i say to something like this while someone is asking for nerfs… when he wins the majority of games against the object on topic.

“hey kraken is not easy enough, please nerf more” … wow. not a friendly thing comming to my mind.


Let’s see…

Blah blah impossible scenarios, blah blah not easy enough for us to win, blah blah hyperbole hyperbole.

Nothing of value to be found here.


No, unfortunately I don’t see how that goes both ways. Kraken is only a win-button against new and below-average players as those don’t know that they’re supposed to shoot the Banshee mines and mostly use their jetpack to dodge Lightning Strike and Aftershock. If you are good at dodging you will need 2 thrusts at max to dodge a fully upgraded Lightning Strike supported by the Grounder perk.

Combo’ing Vortex and LS does literally nothing, one can still use the jetpack after the Vortex and today’s Grounder only lasts for 1,5 - 2 seconds (I’ve been hearing both regularly), which isn’t enough time to combo both Vortex AND Grounder with a Lightning Strike.

If it’s such an easy win-button as you say it is, we can play a match together and I guarantee you that you won’t even land 50% of your Lightning Strikes. You’re no monster main but everyone should be able to press an easy win-button, right?