Suggestions on Golaith's rock throw



I think it would give players better accuracy and the ‘feeling’ of action if when you are casting the rock throw, the camera would zoom-in to 1st POV and the trajectory guide accurately shows whether the rock will suddenly get hit some object that’s on the fringe of the monitor or TV.

Thank you.


Surely it’s easier to spot any nearby objects by being in third person than it is in first person.


I feel 1st person would simply offer better accuracy in terms of guiding the rock. But the spotting nearby objects like ‘edge of some building’ was more pointed at trajectory guide failing to show me whether that’s going to happen or not. Too often I see myself throwing the rock with the guide showing free-path yet the little blip on the edge of the screen just causes the rock to explode on top of me.


to prevent any kids saying “use the search function” im just gonna use this thread.

am i the only one who thinks the rocks hitbox is way too large?