Suggestions of a new player



Hi ppl,

I’m a whole new player in the game evolve.
Since it became f2p i thought, might be worth a shot.
In 2 days i became player level 18, i really have fun with this game!
I really like this is 1 of the first good games in it’s genre in f2p section.
There are a few things i want to discuss from myself as a new player perspective.

First up:
I kind of miss some sort of gallery. An option where all heroes are displayer and their abilities . Currently when u push the my account button, you get an overview of all the heroes and monster with their character level. If there is an extra button which shows their skills (and maybe stats of the skills like dmg, cooldown, range, etc) it would help me a lot the choose a character which fits me. Currently i have to start custom match and go past all the characters to see what their kit is, but then i can’t see the character level rewards…

Try-outs, now you have to buy a character in order to play it. the problem is i dont know how that character feels, apart from skill set i don’t know anyhting of that character. So i would love too have a some sort of Try button in the shop where you can try that character in a small area, like the tutorial. Just to get a good feel, otherwise you’ve wasted in-game cash and you are sad.

Are there any quick communication tools unlike pinging and Voice chat? Like you press q a short menu pops up and you choose the option Charge! or I flank! or Heal me! or Group up! I never heard it in a match but it would be really handy if you dont have a mic.

When i go into matchmaking i sometimes get stuck in the player finding screen. There are 5 players but the lobby won’t come up. so i just reclick matchmaking and then i find a good room.

Hunters, I dont know a lot because of course my current arsenal is only the free weekly hunters and what my team chooses. I think Communication tools like what i said earlier really come in handy. I would love too if there is week where everything is free so you can try everything out.

I really hate the lowering of health when you die, because as a new player you die, a lot. For some monster it is a need because they have mostly aoe skills like behemoth and goliath but against a wraith and gorgon its not fun. 1 combo and you’re dead.

The only thing what bugs me is orbital sattelite,sneaking as a goliath isnt even worth it for me because they just spam orbital sattelite and they know where i am. Unlike wraith, Kraken or Gorgon you have less mobility so i get caught twice most of the time in the early stage. I also dont know what the map looks like so i dont know tactical places so maybe it’s just me being bad :grin:

It is clear that monster with high mobility have the highest chance of winning (because of that orbital satilite). Kraken is one of the most balance monsters in the game i think. Yes he has high mobility so he can fly around not leaving tracks, but you have the orbital satilite to track. once engaged he does high dmg but needs fly a bit still to aim so that the hunters have a chance to strike. Behemoth(well i only played once against him) and goliath seem slightly underwhelming because they dont have that much burst mobility.
Gorgon i can’t say much about i won 1 and lost 5 times but seems a bit above average.

Yes i’m going to hate now too. Wraith… since i became player lvl 15 75% is versus a Wraith (which is a sign already). At that point people have acummulated in-game money so they can purchase stuff. So that’s when you can buy Wraith. Let’s just say out of the like 20 matches 14 matches ended up with stage 1 wraith killing everyone and 5 with a stage 2 wraith killing everyone(we won 1 versus an AFK). The dmg output versus its tankiness is insane how? well:

  1. Mobility, because wraith has so much mobility it is really hard to hit him, even i the dome. I some times just push Take a Break to let my character even hit him/
  2. The dmg out put is so high of the wraith when you dome her, she pops clone, clone does much dmg, everyone has 75% hp, she picks one hunter out does combo, instant death. Then wait a bit for cooldowns, blink a few time so you dont get hit, does combo again second one down. Third down same way and easy win.
  3. Tankiness, if we even hit her it requires a lot to take her armor down, a lot of times a wraith wins in stage one with full fkin health.
    My suggestion is making some adjusment to the clone so the wraith has to a bit more then only doing one combo and the hunters have a bit more reaction time. Like the clone can’t blink and can’t climb so the hunters have time to back off and react but it’s still a good zoning tool for the wraith. The will not be able to do that much dmg so that it not becomes instakill after instakill.
    It’s getting a bit out of hand, because i had 10 consecutive matches vs wraith and lost it big time.

I’m new and noob, i must admit that. So maybe a more experienced player completely disagree with me, but there aren’t that much good advanced tutorials on Evolve. i’m still waiting for that person ^^

This were my thoughts on the game.
I hope this helps and makes the game even more great than it already is.

kind regards,


@MacMan there are some good suggestions here :wink:


These are some really good suggestions, especially gallery and try outs, however I think there is a weekly rotation thing that lets you try out different characters every week

Kraken does leave tracks when flying, they are sort of electric balls on the ground

Lots of work is being done on him, he is not quiet ready yet[quote=“TheDun, post:1, topic:89270”]
goliath seem slightly underwhelming

Goliath is probably the most balanced monster in the game in my opinion and in many others

Wraith I think is getting a nerf anyway


They said they are working on a gallery, where you can see skills and perks and things like that. So that should be taken care of soon.

The hunters and monsters will change rotation each week, similar to League of Legends. So you’ll get to try new hunters and monsters each week.

Though I agree with a smart ping… it defeats the purpose of the voice chat. It kind of forces you to talk and make plans. Though I would probably still like the addition. haha

I agree that the satellite is a little too strong right now. Sneaking is pretty useless. But you do know you can press tab and it brings up a map so you can see where you’re going?

As already mention, Kraken does leave tracks when flying, but it also doesn’t set off birds and other things like that.

Pretty much everything else I don’t have much input on. Except the Wraith will never be balanced. Not since day 1 =p


In my opinion:


i find this quote wierdly positive xD


Good stuff! Thanks for the feedback. The team will be taking a look!


Yeah, being combo’d / stun-locked / tumbled as a hunter is not fun. I hope they keep reducing the combo potential.

Goliath is actually a pretty fast monster. BUT a lot of new players just spam traversal whenever ready. As Goliath, you need to jump off of high points to gain extra distance.
Plus, you can use charge and Leap Smash for traversing the map, too.

This is old Evolve footage, but you can always watch “deanimate” move around with Goliath and maybe learn a few things. Just one thing he does isn’t possible anymore in “Evolve Stage 2”: Gaining distance with a Sneak Pounce. All the other stuff he does, you can do, too.

As for Wraith, an excellent counter hunter combo is Val, Sunny, Abe and Hyde. Sunny needs coordination but you’ll get there.