(Suggestions) Matchmaking and Preference problems


I have put many hours into this game over the last week along with the 2 betas. I have a few issues that could easily fix or maybe help the matchmaking and preference. If I am wrong about these things please let me know. It seems like it takes forever to get into a playable match. The matter of finding a game is very fast usually but a game that is playable is becoming nearly impossible to find without waiting an extra 5 to 10 minutes on the leaving game penalty. This happens because almost every game I join is almost over and its the monster that I join into because he has 1 bar of hp left and the last guy just left because he didn’t want to lose. This is a huge problem with evolve right now because these people are incredibly high on the leader boards for WLR because if they are about to die they can just leave and not get a loss along with having to wait a mere 1 minute. This kind of kills the game and leader boards. I am not personally a huge fan of the monster so i keep him on 5 but it seems like every single game I get stuck with him because the other people partied together. This is really unfair to the people that just aren’t in the mood for monster.

There are a few quick things that can fix these problems like if the person playing in a game and they leave it should still count as a loss and have a much greater time penalty maybe anywhere between 5-30 minutes. I am aware that this could harm the player-base because people wont want to play if there is a huge leave timer. These people that are wanting to leave because they are losing are only toxic to the game and maybe shouldn’t even be playing so it would harm the player-base but in a sort of good way. There would have to be some sort of internet disconnect exceptions to this rule to keep it realistic.

Another quick fix would be able to put a preference slot of refusal to play a hunter or monster. This would greatly help the community because people actually have power over who they play rather than hoping for the best then having to leave when they get stuck with monster or a hunter they are not happy with. The party monster disable is a great idea but the people that party along with people who want to disable monster should just stay in the matchmaking until they find someone that has an affinity with monster so there aren’t any leavers and unhappy players. This will also lead to much more challenging games for both sides because everyone is comfortable with their role leading to a smoother game.

I could just be completely wrong with all of these observations but I am confident that I am right and would love some feedback from the rest of the community.


I get the feeling that they don’t even read this. I would love to see them implement a matchmaking system. Right now you can not call it a functional system. Like what was said above, you need to think what makes something fun and what is not fun. Who wants a penalty for leaving a game? Especially when the game tosses you into a game in progress. I will quit 100% of games in progress. You will never see me join one. Im tired of seeing “wins/losses” from games I hit alt+f4 while it was loading a match in progress. You need to understand people have PREFERENCES on who and how they want to play, and it appears almost EVERYONE disagrees with the current system… Who would have guessed people think differently than the few people who work for you? Who wants to play with 3 people speaking some random foreign language? There are no options at all.

Need to be changed:

  1. Penalty for leaving a game
  2. Losses or stat tracking from games you entered in progress that lost. If you win, give the people who stayed extra points or something instead of penalties.
  3. Chose to join a game in progress or not
  4. Stop re-entering people into matches they quit. Only re-enter them if it was a disconnect. Honestly, they left for a reason…
  5. Instead of which one you prefer to play, add classes you refuse to play as. remember: Most people would rather wait 2-3 for a good match up than instantly join any random match. (But of course, not everyone. Some people may want that. Again, preferences…)

These few changes should drastically change online matchmaking to…real matchmaking…