Suggestions for Slim Sporegun Expert (2 star)?


Even though he’s just been released recently, love playing as Slim, very effective and great abilities to make up for the lack of damage, but completely stuck on the Level 2 challenge for the spore gun, especially as im currently a solo player so can’t call on someone to play as a monster to stand still while I bombard them with spores for 400 seconds, anyone whose done it or also struggling got a method to do it against AI? Would love to know!


It’s really hard to do, I have had luck with defend mode with a friend, he went hardcore griffin 'pooning him to high heaven, it’s difficult but doable


Sounds pretty decent, seeing as the reviving one works on non hunters I was hoping the spores worked on minions but looks like it doesnt sadly, but will have to wrangle someone up and try that out, thanks!


April fools?


Dunno if its just my shoddy shooting but i’ve not had much impact with generic damage xD


Sheesh, I can pull assault damage with Slim, Bug boy got a punch