Suggestions for Slim nerf (that is VERY NEEDED)

OK they should nerf the cap healing cooldown per shot from 6seconds max per shot to 4 as well as decrease the cooldown per pellet from 2 seconds to 1.3 seconds, that way it takes 3 pellets to hit for the max of 4 seconds and nerf the slim boost from 80hp/sec down to 50 and I say increase the range of his healburst but make it heal a little less

Or we can buff the other medics to compensate so people aren’t forced to play Slim.


Oooooor we can buff medics and nerf Slim? Eh???


then that would mean that they are stronger if not as strong as Slim and slim right now is OP

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I like that idea BUT don’t buff the medics to slim status

They wouldn’t/shouldn’t


The way I see it, it’s a little of both.

Medics are very mediocre in mid-high level of play. Since slim requires nothing more than shoot and dodge, why not play him over other medics?

People play slim because he’s not countered hard in any way. He’s just all about healing, like Papa, but requires less skill to do so.

Val lacks multi-target healing, so MG and Gorgon rip right through her, all while her self-suitability (Tranqs) dont do anything for her against Behemoth or Kraken.

Laz against Gorgon, MG, or Behemoth, he fails.

I haven’t tested Caira or Quira out so I don’t know how they are, but AF is very situational since monsters are still faster especially since it’s nerf wa back when.

Emet just doesn’t have the consistency to back up his mediocre healing, on top of his mediocre healin being countered easily by Kelder, Behemoth, and Gorgon. His beacon is only useful in low-level pubs or when the monster only cares about strikes mid-game. Late game the monsters get punished by not destroying it, since they then have to fight 4 players again.


with the new perks I went up against a hank and slim I focused hank 24/7 landing every hit, he even said after the game he had max all the new perks and he didn’t die ONCE and I was hitting him with everything as bob

There is your first problem. Slim is unstoppable if you’re playing as Bob, I’ve only consitantly seen one person beat a Slim as Behemoth.

Besides that, these new perks will need some getting used too. Might be tweaked in the future might not. Either way a Slim nerf will be coming and hopefully some more medic buffs. At that point I hope that we can all feel free to play whatever character we want.

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I have beaten slims before with bob BUT EVERY ABILITY HAS TO HIT and same with rolls and claps right after roll in order to down him but if there is a sunny go after that and still take ages to kill

Slim has the problem of needing to be accurate to work. This is why he has felt so sporadic. so what they should do is make him more accurate while slowing down his heal rate.

yet he has a shotgun for his weapon which takes NO accuracy nor is its accuracy ever affected, the area that he has to shoot stays the same all the time

This sums up everything after this update (just the part with the guy talking) (don’t know how to limit it to just one part of the video only know how to start it at a certain point)

well by accuracy i mean it needs to hit with multiple pellets to be successful. This is much harder on smaller monsters like wraith and gorgon. so all i can say is for them to continue to make him more accurate while lowering the heal rate,

yet they have unlimited range to don’t forget

actually they dont. they can change his max range at any time.

yet its unlimited range atm, I have been able to hit monsters VERY far away with it the only delay is the things that acutally recharge the healburst take like a second to come back to me

so how would haveing a high max range cause issues? while you may still hit the monster that does not equal enough to heal your team. makeing him more accurate will make him more useful against smaller monsters while allowing for them to tune back his total healing rate to be less overpowered against behemoth.

but with monster at such a range the only monster that COULD do damage at such a long range is kraken any and all other monsters wont be able to do that much damage from a far so the technical reduced healing doesn’t matter if the monster cant do much damage