Suggestions for Evolve - Constructive Please!


I would like to have maps that are really quite dark, thus, the Hunter’s ‘spot-light’ is really utilized. Personally, not being fully aware of your surroundings would make for some really intense and almost ‘uncomfortable’ combat scenarios. I understand that this perhaps would cause balancing issues in regard to visibility for the Hunters, whilst the Monster has ‘smell ability’, however an awesome addition none-the-less.

I wished the Monsters ‘screams/yells/roars/etc’ were more powerful, being louder and more piercing, especially when evolving, this would make cases when the Monster evolves have far more impact upon the Hunters.

Visually, when playing as the Monster, I wish there was ‘more motion’ around the Monster. For example, for the Kraken, I wish his tentacles would move around in ways that makes them almost seem sentient themselves. Also, have electricity continuously being produced from its two back-mounted tentacles. If this causes the Kraken to be more visible to the Hunters, at least have this present in the view of the Monster player.

More maps, monsters, hunters … please, not just the Behemoth and the 4 hunters (to whom we have seen their silhouettes). I am very excited for these undeniably, but, please more. Take this not as a negative fact, but positive. I would love more content, not because I am not satisfied with what there is, but I just want to keep on playing it cause I love it. (I know this is quite generic, as so many want this regardless) Also, more skins!!!


Like your ideas and like having a threat for suggestions.

I hope for some content too, can’t wait for the new set of Hunters to come but I really fear that it might take to long (Spring they said) and a lot of players are already stop playing or play less which is a shame.

New Maps would be great as well, I hope for some maps that might change the way you play. Also I hope for some new game modes, something like a 5vs5 would come to mind. 4 Hunter and 1 Monster (stage3) against 4 Hunter and 1 Monster (stage3) whoever takes out either the other teams monster or hunters wins. There is probably room for improvement to this idea :smile:

Personally I would love to have the little class icon + color code appear above the head of my fallow Hunter team mates and not only their PSN, Xbox Live name whatever. To see by a little blue cross or yellow shield where my Medic or Support is would just be great.

Customization would be great too but I think this is already to late. Because it makes sense that you unlock (cool) stuff through leveling up, most players are already level 30+ to start now would really work. A shame they did not carefully check this during the development phase. For me customizing and upgrading are very very importend parts for my long term motivation. I think CoD is a classic example of what people do just to get 1(!!!) icon for the next prestige.
That being said a kind of “Prestige” mode would change the whole picture again. To build a proper player base and keep them playing (and buying Hunter/Monster DLCs) you need to create something to motivate players to continue playing. So the “Elite” stuff on the Monster/Character is OK but I need more.

That’s all I can think of at the moment :grinning:


darker maps would be cool but not for the hunt mode. Maybe in a new left4dead similar mode, where you go from A to B and the monster evolves when you reach a certain point. Would require new mpas though :confused:


I agree in the concept of a ‘prestige’. I have reached level 40, and it is almost ‘annoying’ that I am earning all this XP from evacuation, however, the rank just stays the same now. Almost lost the sense of progression due to this. Also, customization would have been a great idea to implement into Evolve.

Elite skins, or just skins in General, should also have some aesthetic difference to the Hunter, not just the gun!!!


They are planning new game modes and maps. We might see this :smile:


Agree with OP that some “fluff” in that regard would be nice to see, as well as new maps, modes, monsters and hunter of course… but first start by fixing your current game modes. Defend and Nest is a free win for Hunters right now.

In Nest hunters can; 1. focus on eggs. 2. Kill monster.

Monster have to; 1. keep track of which egg(s) are being attacked 2. Keep track of how the hunters have split up. 3. Find food and eat. 4. Defend more than one egg simultaneously. 5. Not let the hunters res incapped team mates. And the monster is one player, while hunters are four… free win.

Defense the hunters have to; 1. Kill the monster… that’s it.

Monster have to; 1. Keep armor up most of the time. 2. Destroy turrets. 3. Help destroy the generators. 4. Keep hunters from ressing incapped team mates/destroy deployables. 5. Keep track of the timer. Sure, we get S3. But hunters don’t lose if they all die, and all strikes are removed when they drop again… free win.

Fix this before putting out more skewed hunter favored game modes please.