Suggestions and Questions


First question, does Abe’s tracking dart wear off of wildlife and corpses? Second question, What is the duration of stasis grenades? Third question,
######When will Renegabe come out?
Suggestions: Non-copyrighted pokeball skin for the stasis grenades and a pokemon trainer skin for Abe and Emet skins. EDIT: Gorgon should be able to evolve on walls

Gorgon Passive

Tracking darts on wildlife last indefinitely.

Stasis I don’t know, anyone else?

And I’m just as anxious as you about Renegabe :wink:


Did they add my wildlife then because it seems the darts where off or do mammoth birds migrate


Wildlife moves around the map ya know? And maybe more spawned in?


Last I checked, darts stay in wildlife infinitely.

They stay in deceased wildlife until they fully decay.

They stay in monsters for 45 seconds (I believe).

Stasis I think lasts 15 seconds, but that’s the one I’m least sure about.



15 seconds. I just checked loaded into arena mode recorded how long it took


Also if I have poison round, does that work on the tracking dart or do I have to wait for Renegabe for the full experience?


I love it!

It will only go away after eaten, then it tracks the monster for 35 seconds :wink:

15 Seconds I think


All kudos to @Magnus_Medic I believe, not my idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea I saw it few seconds after I posted it :stuck_out_tongue: