Suggestion: Video Tutorial library


I remember, in legacy, when you played a character for the first time the game showed you a short video tutorial about the character. Currently evolve doesn’t have this, and I don’t know if you at TRS are working on new videos, but if you do, please also add a “library” or “gallery” or however you wanna call it, where all the tutorials you’ve watched will be stored so pubs can rewatch them as often as they like.

It would help them to understand their characters better and hence cause less frustration for themselves and their teammates.

Remember, new players are this games future.


Bumping because I made this thread just before the R.Abe update was rolled out and many new threads popped up very quickly, so devs might not have seen this.


the tutorial vids took a lot of time & effort to make and were constantly becoming obsolete and misleading as balance patching changed abilities


They took out the tutorial videos because it took a lot of time and space in the game so they ultimately removed them