Suggestion to Underwhelming Hunters

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So here is my suggestion for these hunters that in my experience (miserable 500 hours) fails to do their job, some have small adjustments, some have big ones. In any case this is not coming from an expert, I’m a gamer like everyone else and i like this game very much so I’m trying to help out. You are free to give your opinion and critics are welcome but keep the hate to yourself.



Markov is a overall very good assault, good dps and constant damage, his lighting gun does a good amount of damage and doesn’t require excellent aim, his rifle is precise and does considerable amount of damage, his mines are a good way to punish monster’s damage mitigation if well positioned, but i think he is a bit off to the current assaults.
My suggestions are, make his mines a bit faster to load so he can use it more during domes, and something else that i have no idea how hard it is to make is that he can place mines on wall and in the ceiling so he can punish more mobile monsters.

Blitz Markov

Blitz Markov has a very good concept behind him, that is punish monsters that ignore assaults, when that gold lighting starts it just melts away the armor, well at least before TRS nerf him below ground level, his range is too low for the concept that he has, its really hard to keep the lighting on without taking splash damage, ‘‘well its high risk high reward type of hunter’’, the problem is that there is no high reward besides a little more damage than normal Markov and it lasts almost nothing, his rifle does little to no damage for how imprecise it is, the increase fire rate makes no difference whatsoever, his mines… his mines are golden, really good damage to the time it takes to load it no complaints in that.
Increasing his lighting damage is a must so it can be viable again, a little range wouldn’t hurt anybody(besides the monster) either, i fell like his rifle should have the same mechanic as his other weapons so its damage could be the same as normal Markov but it increases fire rate as it shoots(no need to change damage as it increases fire rate) and like the earlier suggestion to make his mines stick to walls and ceilings.


Hyde is one of my favorites assaults on both his kit and personality/lore, hes a strong pick against gorgon’s spawns and against stationary monsters but without hes 3 damage perks he fails to be as effective, his flamethrower is in between mediocre and strong but considering its short range it lacks a bit, his grenade is very strong and has a wide radius, but a little short duration, nothing major maybe just one more damage tick would be enough, and now the real problem… his mini-gun, saying its useless doesn’t make enough justice as to a point most player ignores it completely besides long range tickles.
To his flamethrower a bit more damage should do good and its range should go all the way of the animation, to his grenade as stated before one more damage tick should be enough, and his mini-gun needs a lot higher damage for how imprecise it is, ‘‘too many buffs’’ you say, well yes but something else should go away like his swap speed and longer reload speed so it gives some room to a better mini-gun and more room to mess with perks.
Note: i really liked the old fire animation 1000x better

Renegade Abe

Renegabe is for me the assault that gives the most fun gameplay of all, swapping weapons and making sure the debuffs are on point is really fun and that secondary shot when it hits makes a waterfall of numbers that gives a lot of pleasure, but due to recent nerfs to poison he is not as strong as before, his entire kit is not as good for dome fights but still manageable and where it should shine the most, the chase, now lacks a lot…the armor regenerating while the poison still active is a really turn off.
I wont say his damage should be increase or anything like that, i just think one of his poisons should do impact damage on every tick, either on the dart or grenade so the monster cant regenerate that fast when out of line of sight.



For a focused single target heal she lacks a lot, she is literally the only medic that has a single target heal gun with no sort of AOE or anything, her sniper does a good amount of damage and leaves a weak point which is very good, her tranq dart is also really good for tracking the monster in the chase plus the slow, overall i really don’t think her medgun should be lower than slim’s that has a heal burst every magazine and still has a self sustain skill.

Rogue Val

Just a little buff should put her back in the meta, her sniper is mediocre but shes a medic so makes no difference, my only complaint is her poison gun, since poison got nerfed its pretty much useless now outside from the tracking so give it damage, like 50 damage per tick make it hurt since it doesn’t stop armor regen anymore.


Very underwhelming at the moment, no good heal, no damage, no revive worth the trouble, i just wish he could get a real cloak like… a real one, that nothing could make him visible, the only way would be noise when hitting him, and make that self buff when cloaked a AOE of heal and mov speed


Almost on the balanced side, just like Markov to the assaults, good heals on the grenades and good damage surprisingly, aoe mov speed helps a lot, and heal burst good for ‘‘shit!’’ moments, i think she needs a burn heal, just like the napalm does to monsters but in healing to hunters, that 20 burn heal should help when reloading and put her in the right spot.

Quantum Caira

She seems pretty weak on the heals for the limited range the healing field offer, the grenade healing field only does mediocre heals with 3 stacks, the damage one is good to annoy monsters no need to change that, the damage reduction is excellent, works very well and the healing burst/field on the 4 ability is also very good, i think she should have a impact healing when using the grenade healing field, something like 50 per shot so it has a instant function so it relieves a bit the ‘‘stay in the bubble!’’ gameplay.


Pretty fun medic, healing buoys do their jobs and with the heal burst if the hunter knows how to dodge can keep someone alive very long, damage weapon is easy to use and does good damage for a medic, now the beacon is very questionable, the primary problem with E.M.E.T. is that the beacon is pretty much useless, if the monster glances at it, it explodes together with your hopes, ‘‘but if he doesn’t is game changing’’ well yeah but unless he never played with E.M.E.T. before hes gonna just tap it and gone… that skill is a pretty hard one to balance it out but i don’t think a simple flame breath should kill it, the monster should put some
effort in taking it out because the cooldown on that thing is not a sunny drone level, is a whole minute, is not something that will appear very often in fights, but it should make a difference when it does other than the monster make a funny face to it and it poops in its circuits and die, I’m sure its exaggeration but something like give it a hunter health would be very good since it cant get heals or shields.


Tech Sargent Hank

I really like his concept, give early shields so you can do damage while the monster tries to break it, but the thing is… he cant do any of that, his shields only blocks one monster skill, his laser cutter does little to no damage, self shield burst is only mediocre after the second one and to teammates it blocks half a skill, his only good thing is the orbital laser even more know that it goes inside caves. I think it should go back to the way it was in legacy, full pre-shield on the whole hunter life along side with faster charge to balance the extra shield other wise it would take something like 5 shield bursts to full your own, a little more damage laser cutter so it at least makes it visible the white health loss.


Very high skill hunter but even so lacks in his area, to support, the banshees do very good damage and it follows, armor reducer is useless unless its wraith(that is not a good thing), teleporter is very difficult to use without top-noch communication, the shield burst is very good thou, you might think it takes too long to charge but i think it shouldn’t be the only shield Kala has to offer, the armor reducer should be an armor transfer instead, so she can keep the shields in fights and use shield burst on ‘‘shit!’’ moments, if that change ever happens she can become a very viable support.



After the Waggie buff she now pales quite a bit, if her idea was more CC less damage she does not compensate for how well Waggie does in both, the main machine pistol is very imprecise and tickles the monster, daisy doesn’t do anything significant anymore the monster can just kill her with splash damage, her harpoons take a lot of time to charge and has very short range, overall no reason to take her over Waggie. Daisy should give some more utility to the hunters since revive is the only good thing, that mov speed aura that she has should be a little more if I’m not mistaken is 15% maybe 20% would make a difference and i think an debuff aura for the monster should be in order since she just bark at the wall during fights, if the idea is like stated before ‘‘more CC less damage’’ a slow aura debuff to the monster would fit quite well, and again i don’t know how hard it is to make but the harpoons should stick to walls and ceilings.

several of those are really good, and you want to buff them even more?

which ones

the first three of each class