Suggestion to make the game more enjoyable

I bought the game about a month ago and, to be honest, I’m not really having fun.
What bothers me is that a few loopholes in the gameplay mechanics ruin all the fun. The game could be awesome without that.

The game is really frustrating for both hunters and monster.
As a hunter, there is nothing more frustrating than trapping a monster in the mobile arena again and again, but not doing any damage because the monster keeps hiding and running around.
As a monster, it is really frustrating when you can’t lose the hunters in between the arenas, giving you no time to eat and recharge your armor.

what I suggest is not aimed to favor the hunters or monster, just making the game more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. make the monsters faster so that they can lose the hunters after an arena and have a chance to get some armor back before the next fight.
  2. remove the timer from the mobile arena: the arena won’t come down after a set amount of time, but instead it will come down after the monster dealt a certain amount of damage to the hunters.
    No need to bring a hunter down, just damage them. That would punish monsters that keep running in the arena: if you don’t fight, you are never getting out of the arena.

I am aware that it would require quite a lot of balancing, so that probably won’t happen.
But, in my opinion, it would make the game much more intense and fun.

I uninstalled the game for now, but I’ll be sure to check the forums from time to time to see how it evolves :wink:


It’s going to be in an upcoming update that the mobile arena is going to take longer to cooldown, meaning more chance for the monster to get away in between fights.

As for monsters avoiding damage inside a dome… work with your trapper to get better dome locations so that they can’t hide!

But, I won’t be able to get the monster while its evolving as Parnell, it’s bad enough no one likes him He’s always forgotten ;_;

If you have friends to play with, I understand that you can work together to get the best dome location, but when you are a casual player playing with random people, that is downright impossible.
Besides, two of the monsters can fly to stay out of the assault range, so the dome location doesn’t really matter anyway.

Screeches in agreement
Even with friends this is so damn true.
…Well, against Kraken it is, Wraith, not so much, unless she’s goin’ Sky-wraith

Well, what can I say? There is no argument against the “my team is rubbish” thing, but then I don’t see why there should be. If the monster is decent enough to know when to avoid the fight and can do so pretty much only because your team doesn’t work together then the monster is out classing you. If you are losing games because of bad dome locations with randoms then do what I did way back in February and make the choice to take that problem out of the equation and learn how to trap better than your average random :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, Kraken has been frustrating assaults for months and months with it’s out of range play. Kraken is a separate subject IMO, somewhat tied to the efficacy of trappers both in their choice of location and ability to bring Kraken in to range for the Assault.

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If you wanna stop monsters running in a dome, practice your trapper skills.

The first and most important thing is not doming the monster where theres a lot of cover around. And try to avoid doming near one of those big unclimbable pillars, because its easy for the monster to run around it.

Second, for now always be using your harpoons, slows or repulsor on the monster in a dome, especially if it is running. You can also take crow and shave off half a bar of health or more through the monster’s armor with his rifle’s charged shot. Eventually youll figure out when you can pull out your primary and lay into the monster. Dont forget to do damage to the monster, your primary as a trapper is about as strong as an assault’s secondary.

Third, spread out but keep in los. This way you cover more of the dome and the monster cant hide in as many places.

This, the meta (in my experience) seems to be right now to run defensive comps and I always see these hunter teams grouping around/behind sentry nests or mines, etc. If you let the monster just hide on one side of the dome because you aren’t willing to engage then don’t complain when you do no damage!

Thanks for all the insights (even if it wasn’t really the point of this thread).
Evolve seems to be really esport oriented.
That’s too bad for casual players like me who just want some fun without investing hundreds of hours in the game.
Well, it was worth a try.

I wouldn’t agree that it’s esports oriented, especially since the devs were saying up until release day itself that they aren’t making the game to be an esport but they’d see what they can do about supporting that if people wanted it.

It is a game of skill, and so casually just dipping in and out without taking the rough with the smooth is not going to work, unfortunately. If you want to be super casual with games then I would honestly say that Evolve isn’t the game for you unless you want to just play monster. :smile: