Suggestion to help monster prioritize targets


I play (only) Goliath, and I noticed that it can be really hard to see the hunters and to see who is who at times. Like their names will pop on and off, and the hunters themselves are really tiny (one ends up chasing health bars instead of actual player models). I also feel like at higher levels the hunters have an advantage, but that’s another story.

My suggestion is: make a way for the monster to assign a priority target that is somehow highlighted during a bit fight? For example, if I always want to go after the medic first, maybe they get a red outline or their health bar flashes slowly or something. Could also make it so the monster can cycle them so he can “lock” onto a particular target. It just seems “off” to lose because of visibility and GUI issues as opposed to bad choice of target priorities or ability use.


it already does that medic health ba rid and its highlitded in blue blue is medic


The one thing I would like to see is character names on the nameplate, not player names (or at least an option to configure).

Seeing that I’m shooting EvilnarutoDarkninja666 is useless to me, seeing that he is Hank can be a game changer


If they have laz kill him first, if they have hank then kill him cuz he will stop you from killin the others, and if those 2 aren’t alive then kill the trapper so you can run and stage up. Usually its medic, assault/ trapper, then support


hank is orangevr u colour blind


I’d like it if the hunters’ outlines matched their class colour. And maybe make the outline a -bit- more obvious!


If they added in any of these suggestions I hope it would be just an option. I like it how it’s setup currently.


Medics have a hard enough time trying to dodge monster focus without lighting them up like a Christmas tree.

I mean what you are really saying here is that you want to always know where the medic is.



If you are having a hard time finding the hunters during combat don’t forget to use your sniff.


I find looking at their guns the easiest thing to do to tell them apart. Especially the medics.


Usually people want something in the Hunters’ advantage, and I, as a Monster player, don’t normally support that. I do not support this, either. There is an easy way to tell who’s the Medic: learn the name from the lobby. I believe Medic is on the outside left of the character display roster, and odds are PimPnINJA8736 is going to be pretty memorable when you see it’s also highlighted in blue, which is the class color. The only other name you need to be aware of is the Trapper – Assault and Support are merely in your way.


It’s actually not the name thing. It’s that a lot of the time no name is showing at all (just the health bar). Especially given a slight bit of distance. It’s not that “I want to know where the medic is at all times”, but if the medic is in sight, it should be more obvious who he/she is. Honestly, I’m not a great or experienced monster player but I feel like I can barely MOVE against a good hunter team, so if I actually reach someone it would be nice if it’s the one I need to reach. Again, to me it’s the interface working against the monster more than it should.

The tip about guns is a good one, but sometimes they aren’t shooting :smiley:


Look at the silhouettes in Smell-O-Vision.


Yea as EyeOf clarified I specifically meant the silhouettes when using smell not what they are shooting. If they are shooting that’s even easier lol.