Suggestion to fix the pounce glitch


Yeah, there’s a glitch when pouncing as a monster. When you are facing a hunter that attacks you, you probably react by pouncing him, sometimes it’s a success and sometimes it’s a failure…but it can be both too!

What I mean is that when you successfuly pounce a lone hunter while this one attacks, it sometimes cancel the pounce at the exact moment you catch the hunter which means you pounced the hunter for a fraction of second.
Why it does that? Because when a monster is attacked while it pounces a hunter, the pounce is canceled (hunter damages done to a monster gives it stress), same thing when a monster eat meat, it stops eating when shoot at it.
And because the lone hunter shoot on the monster right before beeing pounced, it cancels the pounce of the monster.

I suggest to put a stress immunity of 0.5 seconds if the monster successfuly pounce a hunter.


This isn’t a glitch it’s a mechanic.

Hunters can stop themselves from being pounced. That’s what this is. It’s not a bug it’s the pounce mechanic working as intended.

To clarify, if you take damage during the windup animation it’s designed to cancel the pounce so Hunters can prevent being pounced but they can’t save themselves.


Yeah, as Cupcake has said it’s the mechanic working as intended. And it should remain as such, predictable play should not be outright rewarded as you’re trying to suggest, if a Hunter/the Hunters know what you’re trying to do, you absolutely should be getting punished for it.


Yea… That’s not a glitch. By no means should a monster be immune from damag during pounce.


When I pounce a lone Hunter, sometimes my pounce fails. There’s nothing else there, just me and the Hunter. I pounce, but then I get kicked off the pounce.


If he shot you while you are trying to pounce him, it usually cancels.


That’s by design.


Do you mean that the hunter can free himself without anybody to help him? I thought it was a glitch like beeing unable to use the hunter’s capacity while pounced. If it wasn’t a glitch, then the devs should add a visual effect when the pounced hunter frees himself or a tip on how to pounce a hunter “properly” like: “Don’t pounce a hunter while this one attacks you, wait for him/her to reload”.

And honestly, it really looks like a glitch but I won’t blame if it’s done on purpose.


Yes and no, if a hunter shoots a monster during the pouncing animation he’ll get loose(like during the leap of it). But while pounced the hunter can not free themselves . (getting pounded on)
Basically if the hunter players shooting you they’ll be free if you pounce them.
And by free I mean out right cancels it
Hunters like bucket with tools to free themselves are an exception. Like markov preemptively putting down a mine


The pounce glitch is where the damn hunter is teleported behind you. Can’t wait till that is fixed


Do you think the pounce mechanic will be changed with the summer patch? I would like that it become a real sneak attack. So if the monster is being attack (with a little time for the hunters that can’t fire with the good speed) he shouldn’t be able to pounce.


Actually, Emet and especially Kala can free themselves from pounce.


I was just about to edit that in, same as bucket, and markov


Markov? How?


Putting down a mine right before pounce,it then activates after few seconds and free’s you.


Oh yeah, I forgot.


Not to mention a pounce always fails if Markov’s LG is on.


I did that one time against a Behemoth.


I’m sorry but if a big ol Monster jumps on you and you’re NOT an Assault or have some kind of big ass weapon - I don’t think you’d do much else beyond piss it off more and make it want to maul you even harder.

I’m voting in favor for this ‘buff’ - though it’s more of common sense