Suggestion to diminish Tinkerbelling


How about making a ceiling limit, just like the case of Kraken? So that monsters can have a better chance to jump at them and ground them if they aim well? Good hunters will still dodge it by dash, but it will cost their fuel.


Tinkerbell’s pretty dead already. It wasn’t fantastic before and after the nerfs it’s even less so.


Somehow I’ve never heard anyone else saying so… is the nerf that bad? I use dodges instead of tinkerbell build so I didn’t get to feel the difference.


It was substantial enough lol.

Most people don’t realize that if you just focus normally a hunter cannot get high off the ground since all knockback grounds him, so he’s forced to use jetpack boosts normally. This basically means you’re fighting a perkless hunter. Tinkerbell’s not strong if you know how to fight it.


You can’t sustain in air that long anymore…


Playing as a monster and seeing people desperately try to Tinkerbelle is so satisfying. It wont get you as high as it used to. You’re still in range with a good jump smack from Goliath. Right now all tinks I come across are easy picks but people who know how to dodge are still hard to deal with.

I tested tink myself id say that it’s less suited as a bs dome tactic (thank god) but is still useful in getting the high ground advantage during the post-dome chase.


it was a shitty tactic before and now they nerfed the perks its even worse…when someone wants to tinkerbell let them new monsters just need to learn how to deal with it.


At least kraken can’t fly BS high that can’t be reach by the hunters anymore


The ceiling limit is different for the hunters than for monsters. It just so happens that when a monster lands, it is because it means to. When a hunter does it, it’s because his/her jetpack is empty. In this case, a monster can definately fight back, a hunter is royally screwed.

Tinkerbelling now depends on the terrain. I can do it only between hills and mountains (I am not sure if flying between these two is tinkerbelling anymore) to get from vantage point to vantage point and only with classes that need to keep an eye on the entire team.


And yet they nerfed it for literally no reason.


they nerfed it just to see what happens


Pretty much. The only reason I saw was because a competitive team used it too well with a Slim + Hank combo… so you didn’t just balance the certifiably broken comp and instead needed something that was completely fair and balanced…

Nice logic.


ouh really do you have a link to that game ?


To be fair, competitive teams can use anything a bit too well. Evolve’s just like that- with coordination and teamwork on that level, basically anything becomes viable.

However that doesn’t make it overpowered. I really didn’t see an issue with Tinkerbell before.

That being said, I think a minor nerf would’ve been fine anyway to help newer monsters deal with it.


Its noticeable if you’re looking to cheese with the build, but for normal play (NOT CHEESING EVERY 13 SECONDS) its still a pretty good build if you want to stay mobile and still good for roaching.


I hate the explanation. No offence to @Insane_521 but I just find its a bad reason and a nerf to the wrong thing.


@10shredder00 i think @Razor wants the link to that specific game with Slim + Hank tinkerbell that you refer to. I want to see it too. :stuck_out_tongue:


If it’s a match then no. I only have @Insane_521’s word on why they nerfed it; which again, I think is stupid.


If you just double tapped straight up, you could easily get off the ground between hits and soar away.


Well now instead of tinkerbells im seeing FULL jetpack recharge builds now XD
65% Recharge with Rocket man/Lithium battery/Bohrium battery.
They just keep dashing.

I shudder to think how it would be with 5 yellow buffs from overpowered.