Suggestion to Devs: Release a playable demo


I was part of the Alpha test, and as such, let me say that playing the Alpha completely changed my expectations of this game.

I was NOT expecting this to be a game I would want to purchase before playing the Alpha. While I am a L4D2 fanatic, I just didn’t feel all that excited about Evolve from reading descriptions and watching previews and trailers. I had serious doubts about gameplay balance and if people would play the monster well.

The Alpha flat out blew me away. However now you need to do that to people who never played the Alpha and are not excited about this game.

The main problem is that the subtlety of the gameplay just doesn’t doesn’t come across in gameplay videos. Unlike - say - a COD type game, or even L4D2, all you see in an Evolve video is the hunters jumping around and the monster slamming things and it looks like chaos with bright flashes of light. None of the wonderful subtleties of strategy and tactics come across, nor does the desperate plight of the monster trying to avoid the hunters and feed.

None of this CAN come across in a video. It just doesn’t work. I ran into this problem when I tried - within the limits of the NDA - to get across to my friends how great the gameplay is. I watched the E3 Gameplay video with them on YouTube and realized that they just didn’t get it. Heck, watching the E3 video the first time BEFORE I played the Alpha, I didn’t get it either. None of the brilliance of the game comes across watching a video of it.

In my opinion, you’re going to have a large group of gamers out there (many of my friends included) who would probably LOVE the game once they played it, but will never buy it because they don’t “get it”. The only way to “get it” is to actually play it and have the same wonderful epiphany moment I had. Most people aren’t going to commit $60 to a game unless they’re pretty sure it’s something they want to play.

In this day in age, unfortunately, devs don’t like to release demos anymore. Maybe they’re too much work, I don’t know. But I do strongly feel that you would get a substantially larger number of sales if you released a demo. The demo would not have to be any more than what you released for the Alpha. I think a demo would sell more copies of the game than any amount of advertising.

Please think about it.


Nice write that damn NDA


Keep in mind that the XBone will have an exclusive open beta coming soon


I had very low expectations going into the alpha. I personally don’t care if they release a demo or not. I do want to echo that videos by the gaming media make Evolve look more like Rock Climbing Simulator than what I experienced in the alpha. The game has this weird bipolar image in the media based on what I’ve seen videos of. It’s either dull and uninteresting or over-competitive. This leads to a lot of confusion. Throwing media bloggers into the thick of things also doesn’t really help get across the strategic elements in the game.

A demo could help alleviate the media problem. A testing session without an NDA could also make an impact. They’re probably relying on the Xbone open beta to fill that role though.


X-Box Beta won’t convince any of my friends. They’re all die-hard PC gamers like me.

It doesn’t matter to me whether there’s a demo or not - I’m already sold. As for my friends, hopefully I can convince them by letting them play on my account.

But the more successful this game sells, the better it will be for all of us who end up buying it. More people mean better match making and a more enjoyable and diverse gaming experience for everyone.


I highly doubt that there would be a demo. Well, maybe something along the lines from PS+, you will get 1 hour of game and then you can purchase it. But @penguinrepair is onto something. The only reason why i was able to convince my friends to buy L4D2 was the demo that was available on Xbox360. We played 2-3 times that one mission and they were sold.


That might be a good idea actually. I’ve tried to show the game to my friends/relatives through trailers/short gameplay vids and none of them have been massively interested. I feel like if they actually played the game they’d change their minds.


While I was excited for Evolve as soon as I heard the concept, I agree that videos don’t do it justice. The alpha made me realize just how unique the “hunting” gameplay was. I loved the pursuit aspect of it and that’s something that doesn’t come across in the videos.

Also I was in the OP’s position with L4D1. I had no interest in it at all. Looked like a random zombie game and I thought it looked dull. Was bored when they did a free weekend so downloaded it anyways. Blown away and loved it. Played some versus and was hooked. Accumulated around 1000 hours in both games combined.


But a “playable demo” doesn’t work for something that is meant to be an online and co-op game. L4D 1 and 2 both had solid single player campaigns. With games like that its much easier to take one of the different stories and release two of the levels from it as a demo. Even the co-op was those exact same levels and stories being played by multiple people instead of just one.

Evolve will have a single player aspect, but it won’t give anyone a real idea of how the real game will actually works. A free weekend would work better, but the game needs to be on the market for a while before doing something like that.


I think the free weekend would work better than a demo. However, I’m not sure either will be necessary. If Evolve is a good game, word of mouth alone will generate sales. Yes, certain people won’t buy unless they can get their hands on it. But I feel that’s a minority of people. Many will see rave reviews from other gamers and jump on the bandwagon. There’s a snowball effect when that happens, and once one friend caves, others will too, if nothing else than to simply be able to game with their friends.


Yes that´s what I´m thinking! When I´m playing a new game people from my friendslist message me “How is it?” all the time.
Plus I´ve been advertiseing to some friends I often play with so I have at least 3 people to play with right away! More and more people will board the hype train and the snowball mentioned obove will become an avalance…


I’m with penguin, my core group are a mix of console and PC gamers, and there’s only one xbone in our group. The excitement and stress of a match can’t be seen on a video. But that’s pretty true with most games. If you read between the lines of the TRS team, it seems that an open Beta for PC is coming at some point. They obviously have an agreement with m$soft for the “exclusive” beta, but I’m sure there’s always others things to give this community. If I’ve learned anything from these forums, the TRS team are here for their community.


Yeah, I don’t know why but none of my friends really want this game. I showed my brother all the gameplay vids and trailer and he says it looks boring, I try so hard but I don’t know why they’re not interested, it’s the most unique AAA game that’s gonna be out for a while.


It’s funny, my friends are all interested in it but they have no time to play it. Or at least, they won’t have. :frowning:


Well the same can be said for L4D though. L4D’s SP is the coop with bots but the bots were so incredibly bad that it was like playing gimped.

Anyways I didn’t say it should be a demo, I said that I got to try L4D over a free weekend which means I got to play the full game for a weekend for free.

My guess is 2K and TRS might do something like this for Evolve post release (like a few months later).


Mass Effect 3 had a great Online Co-Op Demo.

I will honestly say that having never played any ME games prior to that, I was having a blast playing it with my buddy who got me to play with him. It was great and left me wanting more since it did have it’s limitations


Not exactly since you have a linear story in L4D that can’t be skipped or changed in any way. Evolve, from what we’ve seen, has no such linear story mode. The L4D way of doing things would have other people controlling the wildlife, not the monster, in the vs mode.


Xbox users get the beta, PS4 is going to start a game sharing system in the fall (stream games you own to your friends so they can play while you’re with them), but it’s true that PC players are getting the short end of the stick as far as the capacity to give players hands on. I only have one friend who’s moved on to next gen and he’s learned to trust my recommendations, but I can definitely see what you mean. I have other friends still on last gen, and even if they moved up I doubt they would be interested in the game, because while the trailers are very telling, I can tell that you miss out on a lot when you aren’t the one playing.


PC users are not getting the short end of anything. We’ve already had an alpha and they’ve confirmed that PC will get to do additional testing of some kind before launch.


The alpha was exclusive though. I’m talking about ways to convince friends to try it out - xbox has the open beta and on PS4 you’ll be able to share your game with your friends. On PC you either get into a testing event or you buy the game, those are the only ways to get your hands on it, and that’s not going to be widely appealing to those who aren’t really interested.