Suggestion to change the Elite Tyrant Buff for the Hunters


I think the Elite Tyrant buff needs to be changed on the Hunters because the Health regen on the hunters are kind of pointless since we already have a medic that keeps the Hunters alive.

So i’m suggest the Elite Tyrant buff for the Hunters should be removing the Strikes since when the Monster is having few health and he grabs the Health regen buff, all he have to do is stay away from the hunters untill he have gained more health and full armor while the Hunters has 2 Strikes and know if they follwing him or waiting for the monster to go for the Power Relay they are going to loose no matter what because the Goliath only need to leap smash and melee 1 time to kill them.

So i think the Elite Tyrant Buff should be a good use for the hunters as it is for the Monster and it will make the monster player think that he needs to be worried that the Hunters might take it after he have all the Hunters with 1 or 2 Strikes instead of the Hunters need to be worried that the monster run for the Health Regen after they have done some damage on him and they only have 1 or maybe 2 Strikes…and all it take for the monster to win is to grab that buff and avoid the hunters and he wins the game and the Hunters might leave the game because they now they gonna loose.

P.S if there is ever going to be a Elite Dune Beetle maybe give the Hunters Super jetpack buff similar to Sunny’s Jetpack boost and give the Monster show no tracks buff.

anyway please comment if there are stuff i did not explain very good etc.


Or let’s not make the hunters even stronger?



we are strong enought


This game is pretty unpredictable. When I’m medic, I love when we get health regen for the whole team. Helps me out a lot.

Also, Lazzy.


Health regen is very useful as assault because monster hits you with an ability but doesn’t focus you medic can focus on healing whoever else is being focused. Support just has to cloak and he’ll be at full health by the time it ends. Trapper its not very useful on cause he tends to get focused and can’t make the most of the regen. Medics like Val or Laz who don’t have the best self healing it can really help them.


soo you would want to make the hunters to be even stronger… have you even looked at one topic about how hunters got the upper hand atm?


Tell me how you can win as hunter when everyone has 2 Strikes and the monster has more then half of his health?

Again a Goliath Player only need to land a leap smash and 1 melee attack to kill you or 1 LS from Kraken and 1 melee or Wraith that only need to spam decoy etc.


Against decent monsters you can’t win but against bad ones you can force them to run.


Because the game isn’t crazy hunter favored right now. If anything just change it to something different for monster rather then regen. Maybe an applied dot on ability damage.or reduce heals on melee.


They already have an apply DoT on melee its the poison hound buff.


I never said melee dot. ABILITY dot.



Just. No.


Yeah, I think it’s fine as is. If I am Hunter and we come across the albino Tyrant early on, we kill it so the Monster can’t get it later. It just helps to take a bit of pressure off of the Medic. Besides, its not amazing for the Monster. If you don’t get hurt the entire time you can only recover like 2 bars of health. I say leave it


Good idea lets make hunters immortal. This is honestly a terrible idead. If you have played a game against a sunny, caira, torvald, and maggie combo it is very hard to get a strike. Making the strikes they do get disappear is way to overpowered.